9 March 2013

Project 365 Week 10

Day 62
I love this photo of Thomas reaching for the sky. 
Day 63
Charlie trying to ride a bike. It was too big for him as it was for Thomas when he was learning to pedal.
Day 64
I love the face Charlie is pulling here. It's like 'touch my sweets and your dead'
Day 65
Thomas loves the Madagascar films and today we bought him the third one for his collection. It came with a free multi-coloured afro wig which Charlie instantly took a liking to.
Day 66
Thomas was having a little hissy fit today and was crying for no reason at all. Sitting on the sofa, Charlie went over to him and started cuddling him. It's great to see the brotherly love.
Day 67
Stripping the room today. We have bought new wallpaper for the living room s today we've been stripping the walls. Well I say 'we' but really it was my husband Simon. 
Day 68
Charlie loves playing with the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus because you simply have to swipes across it and it will start playing tunes. He's often found with this toy. 

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  1. That reaching for the sky photo looks almost biblical! Love the attempt to cycle too, he will be peddling away before you know it!

  2. I am loving the wig!! that is fab :-)

  3. loving your afro circus wig wearer lol - now i will be humming that song for the rest of the night x

  4. I love the wig!!! I was watching the 3rd one last night, rented it from blink box (did Paranorman today) Thanks you PeerIndex Lol x

  5. Thomas looks like he's on Titanic in the first pic :) I love your blog name font at the top btw. (belatedly popping over from last week's Country Kids ;) )