20 March 2013

Easter Treats at Aldi

Easter is a hard time to find exactly what you want for your children. So much choice, sizes, flavours... the prices, oh my gosh, I am so shocked at the prices some people will pay for an Easter egg. Thomas isn't really into the Easter eggs, he prefers the chocolate bunnies and so when Aldi got in touch asking if we would like to sample some, I jumped at the chance. 

I chose three different tempting treats. The Choceur Decorated Easter Bunny, Dairyfine Beanie Bunny and the Moser Roth Egg & Chocolates. 

I decided to pick 2 different bunnies, one each for the boys. Charlie isn't a big lover of chocolate so the smaller of the bunnies, the Dairyfine Beanie Bunny was perfect for him. This is such great value at only 99p each which isn't bad for the size of it plus the fact that inside it are some mini chocolate beans. 

For Thomas, I decided to go for the Choceur Decorated Easter Bunny. Thomas has had Choceur chocolate before and loves the creaminess and the subtle, not too strong chocolate flavour. It is mainly milk chocolate but is decorated with a bit of dark and white chocolate too. This 200g bunny will only set you back £1.99. 

For those who love Aldi's premium chocolate range, Moser Roth, you may be excited to know that this year they have launched a Moser Roth Easter egg too. The sumptuous chocolate egg comes including some gorgeous chocolates of all different flavours. Definitely one for the adults to enjoy. Costing £3.99 for 249g, it's a premium product at a fraction of the price. 

Aldi Special Buys are only in store for a short amount of time so get down there before they all hop out. Aldi can be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.


  1. Oh wow, I want that huge bunny xx


  2. Those really are excellent prices. Sadly I don't have an ALDI near me!

  3. these look so yummy