27 February 2013

Wednesday Words - Mistaken

I think that in life we are judged too quickly. This picture is so true and I feel it explains me quite well. No one seems to get to know people any more, they just seem to assume things about them. 

Just because someone is talking to you doesn't automatically mean they fancy you and you are in with a chance. It may just be that they are being friendly. People can just talk to you without wanting to rip your clothes off you know!

I am too honest for my own good, I cannot lie at all. Some people say this is a good trait, not really that good when your sister asks you what you think off her new hair style (think red with orange streaks and  shaved at the side) I can't lie and she didn't seem happy when I announced that it looked like her head was on fire. Ooops my bad!

Sometimes it's nice to be alone. I like to sit and write, sometimes listen to music or just get a bath without kids jumping on me. I seem to get 'boring' a lot from friends who don't have children. they don't realise how hard bringing children up is and don't realise that I just want a bit of quiet at the end of the day.

I am quiet, in fact, I am very quiet. I like to assess the situation, suss people out, listen to what others have to say whilst taking my time to think things through. I might not talk every god damn minute of the day to anyone and everyone but this doesn't mean I'm shy. 

Moral of the story... Get to know someone before you judge them!


  1. So very true. I most often get mistaken for being mean when I am honest. Sometimes I ask people "Would you like me to be kind or would you like me to be honest?". A prime example was when my boss asked me what I thought of the new shampoos they were thinking of ordering for the hotel. I told her they smelt like dog shampoo. She didn't buy them, but luckily she respected my honesty, where others often don't!

    Thanks for taking part in Wednesday Words. Great having you as a regular. xx

  2. I like this picture. I'm trying to encourage my class to be more honest with each other, but also to be honest with themselves, and not take offence so quickly at what is said. They'll get there!

  3. Never judge a book by it's cover. It's easier said that done because we all do it.