18 February 2013

The Versatile Bloggers Award

Thank you to Joanna from Joanna Victoria and Kez from Stuff 'n' Things for nominating me!

The rules

1 - Thank the blogger who nominated you

2 - Nominate 7 fellow bloggers

3 - Tell the bloggers that they've been nominated
4 - Share 7 facts about yourself
5 - Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post

My Nominees

The Boy and Me from The Boy and Me - I love the photography and the craft ideas for children

Emma from Crazy With Twins - An inspirational woman. Even though she is going through a tough time health-wise, her children always come first

Kez from Stuff 'n' Things - Love the personal posts and the fact that everything she writes about is so thorough

Jade from Unique Young Mum -  I like to read about her life with her young boy and the adventures they have

Chelsea from MS Mummy of Two - I think she is an inspirational mum. Writing about the problems that come with MS and her gorgeous children

Gemma from My Mills Baby - I love her posts that give her opinions on not only her life but the government and other news related topics

Emily from A Mummy Too - Every evening I check my emails just to get a glimpse of her scrummy recipes and the photos that come with them

7 Facts About Me

My favourite flowers are lilies
I am scared of water being on my hands too long
I love to enter competitions
My GCSE in Mathematics was the 5th highest scoring in the UK
I love psychological thrillers
I want one more baby to make our family complete
My favourite band is Green Day

Thank you. Who will you nominate?

1 comment:

  1. Noooo way! As if your Maths score was 5th highest in the country! That's mad haha.
    Green Day are ace :)
    Thanks for the nomination hun x