8 February 2013


I'm still in my first year of being a blogger and although I haven't had the chance to get to any meet ups yet, I still do chat a lot to fellow bloggers. Through Facebook, Twitter and by reading their blogs, you get an insight into their family and their lives.  

What they love, what they hate. Milestones in their children's lives and achievements in theirs. A blog isn't just a place to write about and recommend things, it's a place to keep memories, whether good or bad.  

Last week I was devastated to see this tweet from Jenny Edspire:

"Our beautiful daughter Matilda Mae was taken from us last night to join the angels in the sky x RIP Beautiful angel daughter x We love you x"

Matilda Mae was just 9 months old and only that day had she learned to crawl. This was when I noticed how much of a family the blogging community is. My whole Twitter feed was full of supportive tweets, messages, posts, photos and condolences using the #MatildaMae Hashtag. All of us, everyone, heartbroken.

There are really no words. Instead I thought I'd show a photo of the beautiful Matilda Mae, taken too soon.

"David and I love the sea and Mae means Star of the Sea, that is what she will be now a bright star watching over us all x"


  1. I'm so new to blogging (less than 3 months) and I have been amazed by how everyone has been so supportive!! It has brought tears to my eyes!!
    The whole thing is so sad...There are no words!!!

  2. OMG! That is so sad! Really there are no words!
    I'm also stopping by to let you know that you have been nominated for the "Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award"! Congratulations! Stop by at http://thegreekhousewife.blogspot.gr/2013/02/and-award-goes-to.html#.URaRnmd40f8 to find out more about it!