12 February 2013

DGJ Organics Glossy Blondes Shampoo & Conditioner

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love the length and the fact that it not too thick to look overpowering but not too thin which looks limp, it's just right. I hate the fact that I have to dye it all the time because I have such a dull blonde colour. I dye it a brighter blonde which not only dries out my hair but also fades after a few weeks which means repeat dying and more dryness. I vicious circle really. 

DGJ Organics products are made with plant derived natural ingredients enhanced with Organic essential oils and do not contain SLS or parabens.
I was keen to try the glossy Blondes range as I've tried a few colour based shampoos and conditioners before and found no difference. Would these be the first to give me the gorgeous glossy blonde hair I want?

At first look I detected a gorgeous scent. I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Not the lemon or chamomile which were more subtle, but a very refreshing bold scent. Taking a quick look at the back at the ingredients, there it was, Cucumber! 

I'd never thought that this would be put into a shampoo before but the aroma filled my bathroom and I could really understand why it was there.

After lathering it up into my hair and feeling the refreshing zing of it working through my hair I rinsed it off and turned to the conditioner. A bright yellow colour, like the shampoo, again with the same luscious smell. Leaving it on a few minutes as my hair was so dry after dying it that it needed some moisture bringing back into it. Finally I rinsed the conditioner off and noticed whilst running my fingers through my hair, just how soft it was. 

Brushing, combing, blow drying my hair, I could tell there was a difference. Not as tangly as usual and no huge knots in my hair. The colour looks shinier and brighter than before which is the main thing I wanted.

So, in conclusion, yes! The DGJ Organics range really does help people like me who wants their normally dull, boring hair to be bright, shiny and stand-out-ish.

The DGJ Organics Glossy Blondes Shampoos and Conditioners can be purchased on their website here for £5.99 each.

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