30 January 2013

Sainsburys Bank Family Blogger Network

When I received an email yesterday from Sainsbury's Bank letting me know that our blog had been featured on their Money Matters blog as part of their Family Bloggers We Love collection, I felt proud.

I never expected to be liked and recommended by other people, let alone a big company like Sainsbury's Bank.

After a few emails back and forth we were invited to be a member of the Sainsbury's Bank Family Blogger Network. 

It's such a privilege for our blog to be part of this Blogger Network and I hope we have a great time writing for them and maybe even meeting others.


  1. Congratulations am not in any networks myself as dnt know any that aren't family based ones

    1. Hiya Joanna, try tweeting @SainsburysPR as I know they have a few different networks :-)

  2. Well Done hun, very happy for you :)