14 January 2013

Mummy Needs A Break

I'm sure it's not just me that needs a break every now and again. Trying to find ways to relax can be hard when your at home without the children. Sit back, lay down but then realise there are toys to put away, rooms to clean and all of a sudden your up and about tidying.

I've decided that the next time I want some time on my own or with a friend we will go on a break away to a spa. There are many Spa Breaks you can go on. Check out this great infographic which Spa Breaks have created showing the top 5 detox spa breaks.

Not only do you get a relaxing massage but at a spa you have the chance to actually have a swim in the spa facilities without having a child clinging to your arm. You can sip champagne in the pool, have a body polish or even have a 3 course healthy meal. 

You can choose between a luxury old building spa like the Rookery Hall hotel which is at the top spot, number 1 or you can choose to go with stylish uber modern surroundings like the Hotel Verta which is placed at number 3. Each has their own charm, you can choose the one you prefer.

Having a detox after the Christmas splurge is a must. The salt scrubs can detox your body and skin, have a swim to work off some of that Christmas pudding and sup on detoxifying smoothies packed full of fruit. 

Over the Christmas period I ate way too much and I think I need detoxing. Having a spa day is a great way to have a relaxing break away from the children but to also clean and detox my body and system ready for the Valentines day chocolate binge, then I may end up needing another spa day... any excuse!


  1. I would go to any one, they all look great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. I love the country estate one, the number 1 in the picture. It looks very peaceful

  2. I love the country estate one too - I would love to have just one week away to myself!