15 January 2013

January Blues

We all know that January can be a dull time. Christmas is over, no more celebrating, no more opening presents and no more New Year celebrating but it can get even worse. A few years ago before we had the boys and before we moved into our current house, we had the worst January ever.

We had booked a short weekend break away just to Scarborough for a few days. It was great, walking on the beach, eating rubbish food and just spending time together, me and my husband. What was so wrong then I hear you ask?

Well, whilst we were having a great time, enjoying our break, some low life decided that it would be the right time to break into our house. We lived at the side of a busy club at the time (our house having a doorway which connected us to the club which was locked at all times) and I think the culprit was more trying to get into the there. 

That's where our holiday ended!

I got a phone call from my mum telling us that not only had they broken through our door but had also cracked the living room window and everything electrical had gone. We were totally gutted, not only had they ruined our break but also the Police told us there was probably no hope of getting our things back (they never did find the person who did it) and we didn't have insurance so couldn't even claim. Suffice to say, not long after that we moved out into our house we are in now. 

We had to start from scratch buying everything again which did take ages but in a way I do blame ourselves. It takes 2 minutes to Compare home insurance and if we'd have done that back then at least we wouldn't have had to purchase everything all over again as the insurance would have covered it.

Ever since then we make sure our insurance is up to date and renewed every year. Now we have children it's better to be safe than sorry. The amount of money that was spent at Christmas means that we need to protect our property and make sure that if this did unfortunately happen again, we are covered!

Remember, your home is in your hands so protect it!

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  1. What a horrible situation to be in. Thank god you're in your new place now!
    Actually, thank god you wasn't actually in the house at the time.