30 January 2013

Guest Post - Car Buying Advice For Women

Car Buying Advice For Women
That many women dislike buying cars is a claim backed up by numerous surveys. UK car retailer Quicks recently found that half of their female customers had been dissatisfied with the level of service offered by car dealers. In fact, 40% of those polled said that they would not enter a car showroom without a man to back them up.

But women are renowned for being savvy shoppers who know how to bag a bargain – so what’s going wrong and what can women do to make sure that they get a fair deal when buying a set of wheels?

The hard sell

Nobody likes the hard sell, but it seems that many car dealerships are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to their sales technique. Overbearing, pushy salespeople can make shopping a nightmare. 

Buying a car is often the second largest purchase an individual makes, after buying a home. It’s hardly surprising, then, that many women are reluctant to enter a car lot without the support of a partner or friend.

In the dark
Not knowing your ABS from your traction control system won’t give a female car-buying confidence. Many women feel that their lack of knowledge about the ins and outs of car mechanics puts them on the back foot. 

But you don’t have to be a petrol head to get to grips with the basics. Ask a knowledgeable friend to give you the lowdown on what’s what under the bonnet, and do some research of your own. Use the Internet to compare makes and models of car so that you know in advance what you’re looking for.

Check it out
Make sure that you know what you are buying. We’ve all heard horror stories about cars purchased with outstanding finance and rigged mileage, that have been stolen, or are insurance write-offs. 

Do make use of services that enable you to check that the deal you have been offered is as good as it seems. Experian is a leading supplier of information to the motor industry and is one of several organisations that can give you the information you need to buy with confidence.

Second opinion

Once you've found a vehicle that meets all your requirements, why not get an expert second opinion to make sure that your prospective purchase is in as good a condition as it appears to be? 

The major motoring organisations in the UK offer full pre-purchase vehicle inspections. Prices vary according to the age of the vehicle, its engine size and the thoroughness of the check required. Alternatively, you could pop into your local repair garage and ask the mechanic to give a car the once over – most will be more than happy to oblige.

By meeting the challenge of buying a car with a methodical approach, and by taking advantage of the extra assistance that’s out there, you can ensure that your new car will prove to be the faithful workhorse you need.  

Once you have found the right vehicle, always make sure you protect it by getting car insurance that meets the needs of you and your family.

Note: This is a guest post.


  1. I have no idea with regards to cars...I will have to take me chap with me when I finally buy one. I don't want to be ripped off - I'm sure they would see me coming :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Michaela – I’ve read your articles and it’s really interesting to hear about your car buying advice.Great information.Thanks for sharing.