30 October 2012

Gingerbread Pumpkins

During these school holidays we've wanted to keep Thomas entertained on a budget. Yes it's nice to take kids places but sometimes the lack of money can mean that staying in is the only option. So instead we decided to buy and do creative things. 
These are make your own pumpkin biscuits and can be bought from Morrisons. They come with:

  • 5 pumpkin gingerbread biscuits
  • Green icing tube
  • Orange smarties
  • Orange and green sprinkles

Basically it's just a design your own on them. Thomas had great fun squirting the icing on them and then sticking the smarties and sprinkles on.

We worked out that instead of trying to spread the sprinkles on, it was easier to just pour them on and then tip the remnants back into the pack.
They were very yummy and a great pre-Halloween treat.

28 October 2012

Competition - Pasante Clear Sign Pregnancy Tests

If you're trying to conceive like we are, you will realise just how expensive pregnancy tests are. Every month you may need to use them few times and at different times of your cycle to get a proper result meaning the cost can accumulate a lot. 
Pasante, kindly sent me some of their pregnancy tests for personal use as we are currently trying for our third and last bubba. So far I have only had negatives but am waiting in anticipation for a positive result.

Now for the competition. 

For your chance to win a mixture of Clear Sign Dip & Read, Mid Stream Single and Mid Stream Double pregnancy tests, 72 tests in total, just enter the Rafflecopter form below. 

I have made it super easy entry and am only using Rafflecopter so I get your details and the winner is picked randomly by Rafflecopter for fairness.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

27 October 2012

Autumn Play and Artwork

I love Autumn time. The leaves are falling off the trees and it's a great time to play, kicking the leaves and running around. On the way to nursery, Thomas is always running through the red and orange leaves, throwing them around and having fun. So much so the we decided to go on a leave collecting mission so we could create some great artwork. 

Taking Thomas on his bike so he could pedal himself instead of walking and Charlie was wrapped up warm in his pram. 

We walked around trying to find all different leaves, different sizes and varying colours, it's amazing how many there are around. We found a small woodland with loads of leaves all around, Thomas enjoyed throwing them around and playing in the trees.

It was so enjoyable playing about but then we got home to do our picture. Using a piece of black paper we started spreading glue out and sticking on the big leaves first. Trying to spread out the different colours and then adding smaller leaves and greenery we had found. 

The finished picture looks so good and although it wont last long until the leaves rot and have to be thrown, we know we can go collect more and do it all over again. For now we ave these great memories though!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

25 October 2012

The British Red Cross, The First Aid Challenge

In a survey of over 2000 parents, 96% agreed that all parents should have some first aid knowledge yet two thirds don’t feel confident, or worry they would do something wrong. The study identified the main fears of parents were choking, treating an unconscious baby or child and meningitis.

'The British Red Cross throws down the gauntlet to parents 
to take the First Aid Challenge'

The British Red Cross is launching the first UK-wide first aid campaign aimed at parents to help them learn the techniques needed in an emergency. The new nationwide campaign to get all parents learning first aid and begins at the Earls Court Baby Show on the 26 October 2012 and runs to the end of the year.

With over 24,000 parents expected at to attend the Baby Show, the British Red Cross are launching the challenge then with training sessions running hourly. Signing up the the First Aid Challenge is free and each participant will receive information on how to deal with daily mishaps. 

For more information, visit the British Red Cross. You can also find tips on what to do in an emergency. For instance, would you know what to do if your child was choking? Here's a short video to show you how to handle the situation:

  • Give up to five back blows. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades. If back blows do not dislodge the object, move on to step two.
  • Give up to five abdominal thrusts. Hold the child around the waist and pull upwards and inwards above their belly button. If abdominal thrusts do not dislodge the object, repeat steps one and two.
  • Call 999 if the object if the object has not dislodged after three cycles of back blows and abdominal thrusts.

For a baby (a child under the age of 1) the steps are slightly different, see this video:

  • Give up to five back blows. Hold the baby face down along your forearm with their head lower than their bottom. Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades.
  • Give up to five chest thrusts. Turn the baby over so they are facing upwards and place two fingers in the middle of their chest just below the nipples. Push inwards and upwards up to five times. If chest thrusts do not dislodge the object, repeat steps one and two
  • Call 999 if the object has not dislodged after three cycles of back blows and chest thrusts

The British Red Cross has many video's on how to deal with each situation. They can be viewed here.

We all hope this will never happen to our children but if it did, would you be prepared?

22 October 2012

Silent Sunday (a day late lol)

19 October 2012

Who fights the monster under your bed?

This is our entry into the Warren Evans Competition to win a new bed. 

I think when we're young we all have a protective teddy or toy. Whether it's big, small, fluffy or just down right weird, it protects us from the evil under the bed. 

Thomas sleeps with his gorilla. It was one of my toys from when I was a child but when he was about 10 month old, we were sorting all our things out to throw away, I found the gorilla and was gunna chuck it but then Thomas took it. He wouldn't give it back and would just sit cuddling it. 

He now keeps the gorilla on his bed, to keep away monsters. Many a night have I woke to hear growling and roars coming from Thomas's bedroom, popping in I would find him hanging over the edge of his bed thrusting Bagwell (I don't have a clue where his name came from lol) under to make the monsters run for their lives. 

He loves it and as long as it's protecting my boy, it can stay with him.

18 October 2012

Cussons Mum & Me #RealMumConfession Competition

I'm sure every mummy and daddy has stretched the truth sometimes when it comes to your children. Whether it’s telling your kids the ice cream van only makes a noise when it has run out of lollies or telling them that the flash on your smoke alarm is Santa's secret camera watching them to see if they are being good or bad. 

Do you have something to confess?

Now is your time to own up to those little secrets that you've been keeping. Get it off your chest and also have the chance to win a fantastic prize! 

Just pop along to Cussons Mum & Me Twitter page and tell them your confession using the hashtag #RealMumConfession to be entered into the competition.  

One random confession will be picked to win a luxury spa day for two at The Sanctuary Spa in London and three runners up will win a selection of Mum & Me products.

Check out Sarah Cox's confessions:

The competition ends Friday 26th October 2012 at 5pm. You can see all info here.

17 October 2012

Spruce up your toy boxes

We have gone through loads of cheap plastic toy boxes, every time we buy one, they snap or crack at the base which means spending more money buying more. I got sick of constantly wasting money on them and so decided to go for a wooden toy box. We bought this one from Kiddicare. I have been buying from them for years and so know they sell good quality products. 

This one, we paid £179 for. It came with full, simple instructions and I, yes I put it together by myself. I am the DIY-er in my house as my husband thinks a hammer will fix anything. 

Anyway, after having it a few month I got bored. Although, it is nice and I love the colour, it is very plain and with it being big, it stands out. That's when I came up with the idea of sprucing it up with stickers. 

Every week we buy Thomas magazines and they always come with stickers so we put them to good use. We first of all used transport stickers, these were great and Thomas loved them. We enjoyed sticking them onto the toy box and deciding where each one would go. Eventually, with the toy box getting opened and closed, climbed on etc, these got grubby so we had to remove them and choose some more.

Currently we have blue and pink stickers on the toy box. We got them with a potty training chart and I'd put them in the cupboard and forgot about them, until now that is. We've covered the toy box in them and it looks so pretty. 

This is such a simple way to make something look prettier and now we change the stickers every few weeks. It's so nice to be able to choose what you want on it each time and put our own stamp on it.


I love shopping! It's not often we have spare money to go out and splurge on my husband on me but this week we had a great spree buying all the things we needed. 
I wanted some new tops, longer ones that I could wear with leggings but also wanted them lose so to cover up my mummy tummy. 

I got 4 new tops and a pair of leggings from H&M, I also needed some new underwear so popped into La Senza and got some new bras, a snip at 2 for £20.
My husband didn't need any new clothes but wanted some new pumps. I'm a very quick shopper, I choose what I want and pay but my husband likes to look at everything, try everything on and then buy the first thing he looked at. He eventually chose a pair of Vans from Bank. 

All in all it was a great day shopping and we bought everything we needed. I cannot wait to go shopping again and buy some more bits but as always, our boys come first and usually they will be needing new clothes.


Fudge is one of my favourite treats, I could eat loads of it and both my boys love it too. The soft texture and gorgeous sweet taste. When I came across Fudgeridoo I was excited to see the range of flavours they do. A huge choice of tastes and toppings, smarties, rolos, popcorn, all sorts.

We were sent 2 nice sized pieces of fudge in a cute gift box, a piece of Blue Banana and a piece of Triple Layer. 
The Blue Banana didn't last long with my boys, they loved the sweet taste. I thought it had a somewhat tutti-frutti flavour and the little smarties on the top were great to add another texture and flavour.

The Triple Layer piece was my favourite, although I only managed to get one bite before Thomas took it. Layered chocolate, caramel and vanilla giving it a very sumptuous flavour. I wanted more as soon as they were gone and went straight to their Facebook page to see all the rest of their fudge and see which I wanted to get next. 

I think it was a very subtle move to ask for bloggers to come forward to review their fudge as now I will definitely be a customer in future and will be recommending their fudge to all my followers and friends.

16 October 2012

Mega Fancy Dress

All children love dressing up, especially this time of year when Halloween is in a few weeks but other times during the year it's great to just get dolled up in a bit of fancy dress and mess about, have a giggle and have some fun.

Mega Fancy Dress kindly offered 2 costumes for us to review and put through there paces. Looking through their website was simple, each section set out and named according to style so it was easy to navigate. It really did take a long time to narrow down our favourites, there are so many to choose from but eventually we found 2 that we loved.

For Thomas we went for the Disney's Peter Pan Costume. He is currently obsessed with pirates and loves Peter Pan so this one was quite an easy decision. Opening the package, Thomas eyes lit up! He wanted the costume on straight away. He was so excited and kept running round the room singing 'I'm gunna be Peter Pan' laughing his little head off. 

The fit was perfect, we went for 3-4 years which I was a bit unsure of as Thomas is big for his age but actually it was a great fit. 
The costume came with the top, trousers, the hat and the dagger. The trousers are very long and will fit for a while after now and the top is just the right fit. 
The detailing is fantastic on the top with it's jagged sleeves, button detailing and a cute little picture of Peter Pan on the chest. 

This costume is a steal at only £14.49. The quality for the price is amazing and I'm sure we will have many happy days pretending to be Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook and just altogether having a fun time.   

Choosing for Charlie was a bit harder. He's still so young that he cannot choose for himself and doesn't really have anything he prefers so it was mainly picking what we thought would be the cutest. We eventually chose the Blue Handsome Rabbit Costume. The light blue fluffy material is so soft and extremely cute. It comes as a 3 piece, the romper, hat and carrot rattle. 

The costume has checked detailing on the chest, feet and ears, a blue bow tie and has a bobble tail and a bobble on the hat too. The material is thin and durable so wont overheat Charlie at all and is very comfortable for him. Charlie loved the rattle, playing, wiggling and even trying to eat it, he loved wearing this costume. 

This rabbit costume is priced at £16.49. Again, I think it is really cheap for the quality and what you get. Not only the costume but accessories to match.

The whole range can be viewed on the website.

You can follow Mega Fancy Dress on Twitter and on Facebook.

Halloween Treats at Aldi

With Halloween coming up, it's great to start getting it organised. I was sent a range of products that are sold in Aldi for upcoming Halloween. We received:

  • Face Painting Set
  • Scary Chocolate Apple Making Set
  • A Scary Window Sticker

Spooky Face Crayons - £1.99 per set
Although Thomas is too young to sit and have his face painted properly as he gets bored and wonders off, we had fun drawing on each others faces, even if we just looked silly, we had a great time doing it. Thomas used every one to make daddy look like a rainbow of colour and had fun doing his own too. I tried doing my own white eyed, bloodied mouth style but must admit I'm no artist and it didn't go quite to plan but we looked good!

Window Sticker - £1.59 each
We got a terrifying mummy design. It was easy to place onto the window and easy to remove also. It left no marks and was very clear, inside and out. There are 16 assorted designs so you could spook up the whole house.

Chocolate Apple Decorating Kit - £1.99
Thomas loved the idea of making chocolate monsters and they are very simple to do. All you need is the pack and 4 apples. It comes with 4 sticks (for the handles), chocolate, black and white sprinkles and sugar paper faces.

  1. Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl in the microwave for about 25 seconds (you may need to add 10 seconds if it's not fully melted).
  2. Place the apples onto the sticks and then dip them into the melted chocolate. Move them about making sure they are fully covered.
  3. As soon as the chocolate is on, quickly dip them into the sprinkles and then places the faces onto each one.
That's it! Leave for a few minutes for the chocolate to set and they are ready to eat. We enjoyed making these and they were very yummy indeed.

You can follow Aldi on Facebook where they are always posting about their promotions and do competitions too. You can also follow Aldi on Twitter.


Thomas loves riding his scooter. Whenever he plays outside he will be on it, scooting around, going as fast as he can without falling off. Then it gets to this weather, horrible rainy, windy and cold meaning he can't go out. Even if I wrap him up warm his hands get cold and gloves are a no no when playing on a scooter as they make his hands slip from the scooter handle. 

When I came across Scooterearz I was intrigued. They were the great idea of Vickie and Elisa, between them having 7 children ranging from 3 to 10 years old. After taking their kids to school and having complaints of cold hands they had a brainstorm and that's where the idea was born. Making samples for their children and the positive response from local mums gave them the incentive to make the product themselves.

They are available in 4 designs, these are:

  • Classic Black
  • 2012 Limited Edition Union Jack
  • 2012 Limited Edition Girls Flowers
  • 2012 Limited Edition Boys Cars

We chose the Boys Cars design as Thomas loves cars. Scooterearz are washable, durable, wind and waterproof and fit all makes of scooters. 

The Scooterearz are easy to fit to any scooter, the have an elasticated opening that slides onto each handle. They also have the opening to place hands into which has been made extra large for a quick escape from the scooter in an emergency. 

Thomas loved using them, the soft fur lining makes them toasty warm and because he can still hold the handlebars as normal, it means he has a strong grip, keeping control of the scooter. We also use them when Thomas goes out on his bike too, they fit perfectly, so he doesn't have to suffer cold hands whilst using that too.

The Limited Edition Cars Scooterearz can be purchased from their website for only £14.99 including free delivery.

You can follow Scooterearz on Facebook and on Twitter.

15 October 2012

International Baby Loss Awareness Day

international baby loss awareness day wave of light

Today is Baby Loss Awareness Day. All around the World at 7pm, you are invited to take part in the global 'Wave of Light'. To join in just light a candle at 7pm and leave it burning for at least 1 hour to join us in remembering all babies that have died during pregnancy, at birth or after birth.

Whether you are doing this alone to remember your own angel baby or are joining in together as a remembrance of all angel babies around the World, you will be joining a global wave of light in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time.

So heres to all the angel babies, to the mums and dads who have had to suffer loss in pregnancy or after birth, which ever way, it's an horrific experience and the heartache will always be there for your angel. But remember, they will always be with you in your heart.

wave of light international baby loss awareness day
See the Baby Loss Awareness website for all information or for links if you have gone through baby loss and are needing some support.

10 October 2012

COMPETITION - Sebamed Giveaway

After reviewing Sebamed here and Baby Sebamed here I now have a Mummy & Baby pack to giveaway.

The prize consists of:

  • Baby Cleansing bar
  • Baby Bubble bath
  • Children's Shampoo
  • Anti-Stetch Marks Cream
  • Feminine Intimate Wash

The prize is worth £28.65 and will be sent direct from them.

Simply enter via the Rafflecopter form below making sure all mandatory entries are done as I will check. The competition will end on the 30th October and Rafflecopter will pick the winner at random from all entries.

8 October 2012

Win a Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 car seat with Mellow Mummy

Now usually I don't use my blog to enter competitions but when I saw the great one from Mellow Mummy I couldn't resist.
She is giving her readers the chance to win a Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 car seat just by writing a Limerick with either the starting line of:

When taking our 'Kiddy' on trips'
'If I won a Guardian Pro'

I went with the latter and my entry is below:

If I won a Guardian Pro,
We would have loads of places to go,
To Scarborough, to Brid,
I'd be as giddy as a kid,
To be driving around too and throw!

7 October 2012

Silent Sunday


6 October 2012


If you've already checked out our review of Baby Sebamed here, you'll know how highly I rate it. 

To give a recap about the Sebamed range. The products have a pH value of 5.5 which is the same our skin. Our skin, being slightly acidic, keeps away pathogens that can cause disease, it prevents water loss and stops any pollutants or irritants getting in. By using a soap that has a different pH value to the skin it can weaken the skins protective barrier and cause dehydration, skin infection, irritations and allergies. 

After trying the Baby Sebamed range, I was very grateful when I was then sent the Sebamed range for me to try.  The products I was sent were:

Anti-Hairloss Shampoo
Out of the four shampoo's in the Sebamed range, the one I wanted to try the most was the Anti-Hair Loss shampoo. When I was pregnant with Charlie I suffered with severe anaemia. This in turn made my hair fall out in clumps. I hated it, I felt so self-conscious and wouldn't go out in case people noticed. Since his birth my anaemia has faded to an almost normal iron level but my hair loss is still there. Every morning I wake with hair all over my pillows and have to clean out my brush nearly every day. So of course when I heard that Sebamed did a shampoo that will help prevent the hair loss at such a small price I was a bit sceptical whether it would work. I've used it every day for a week now and so far there is a subtle difference in the amount of hair that falls out. Of course I wasn't expecting a miracle cure that would work straight away but must say I am pleasantly surprised that I have noticed a difference already. 

Anti-Stretch Mark Cream
Whether your wanting to prevent stretch marks or reduce existing stretch marks the anti-stretch mark cream is perfect with its natural avocado oil and shea butter providing excellent efficient care and protection of the superficial skin layers. 
I have mixed feelings about my stretch marks, sometimes I feel proud to have them and have the honour to be a mummy but other times I get very self conscious, especially when it comes to going swimming and people seeing them. I feel, although I wouldn't want them fully gone, I would love for them to be faded a bit so I'm not so scared of showing myself. The cream seems to be going well so far, I have only been using it for a short time but have noticed some of the smaller, light stretch marks are already starting to fade. Used over a prolonged time I can imagine it working very well.

Hydrating Body Lotion
Again, as with the Hand & Nail Balm, it protects the skins barrier function helping to naturally hydrate the skin. The rapeseed phytosterols protects and relieves itching. (phytosterol has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to cortisone but doesn't have the side-effects). The cream contains shea butter which smooths the skin and makes it feel very soft indeed.

Hand & Nail Balm
I find that my hands do get quite dry, I guess this is from all the washing up and cleaning drying out my skin. The hand & nail balm supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin, it's absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy residue. The cream seems to help more around my nails as I've always had problems with my nails looking unhealthy.

Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion
A wash that is soft and protects against dryness and irritation during cleansing. It regenerates and balances the moisture of the skin making the skin soft and supple. I feel it's great for my face and after using it I feel clean and refreshed.
Day Defence Cream
This cream contains high levels of vitamin A and E providing intensive care for dry skin and also helping to calm flare-ups. It will improve elasticity of the skin and make skin feel smoother and more supple.

Night Intensive Cream

Used at night to protect your skin whilst your sleeping. It protects again dehydration of the skin and relieves itching. Again, improving the elasticity of the skin and giving a more smoother complexion.  

My final opinion on this range is that it's perfect for people like me, who have dry sensitive skin. With all the products being pH balanced, it means that they will protect the skin and not cause unwanted flare-ups as they actually support the skin own natural balance to restore hydration, giving an overall better complexion to the skin. The shampoo is also great for people who suffer with anaemia or any other problem that causes hair loss, to help strengthen the roots of the hair and stabilize the hair structure to stop dryness and breakages, helping to maintain strong hair.

You can buy Sebamed from their own website, from Amazon and from a large range of Pharmacies.
You can like Sebamed on Facebook here.