29 July 2012

Our Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. 4 years ago we got married in a blissful gorgeous ceremony with all our close family and friends having a massive reception afterwards with loads of guests turning up.

It was such a great day, I loved every moment of it. 

Going right through till the night we had great fun and so did everyone else but as I said that was 4 year ago. We now have 2 beautiful boys whom we both adore and don't have much spare time or money to spend with/on each other so I was very surprised when there was a knock at the door and these absolutely gorgeous flowers turned up with chocolates and a card.

Although we actually got none of the chocolates as Thomas and Charlie ate them all, we still had a great day and still love each other as much as we did if not even more than we did 4 years ago when we got married.

Cussons Mum & Me Baby

Mum & Me is a new range of products for all stages of pregnancy, bump care and baby care created by Cussons who have been taking care of hair and skin for over 100 years so they know what they are doing when it comes to bringing out new products. 
The whole range was designed by mums so Cussons could find out what we really wanted when it comes to products and then get their experts to develop this range based on 1,200 real mums thoughts and ideas.

The range comes in three stages:
  • Bump
This range includes a lot of camomile and lavender to help soon-to-be mummies relax and unwind. Stretch mark cream to boost skins elasticity and Cool and Relieve soothing spray includes peppermint for an instant cooling effect.
  • New Mum
This range is all about repairing after childbirth and quick fixes to stay looking good even when you don't feel it. Not only does it include a dry shampoo for when you don't have time to jump in the bath, it also has Stretch mark fader cream and Cleanse and Protect hand gel which kills 99.9% bacteria and is great for use after nappy changes.
  • Baby
The baby products are an ultra mild and hypoallergenic range. It includes all the baby products you'd expect but also has a Sleep Tight balm which is great for relaxing your baby before bed, as is the Sleep Tight massage oil.

Ultra Mild Head to Toe Wash

The one main thing I like about this head to toe wash is that fact that there's no changing needed, it's shampoo and body wash in one container so I can just keep it at the side of me and use without having to fiddle around grabbing other bottles. 
The scent is beautifully blended, the chamomile so relaxing but not overpowering, just a gentle aroma great for soothing Charlie before bed.  
A gentle formula that is kind to eyes and gentle on babies ever changing skin, it washes off easily and leaves Charlie's hair feeling soft and clean.
We have tried many shampoos and body washes die to the fact that we all have sensitive skin and luckily this one is great and causes no problems for Charlie's skin or mine for that matter which is great to know we can use such a great product not just for Charlie but for Thomas too.

Sleep Tight Balm
I always find that Charlie settles when I rub gently just behind his ears and now with this Sleep Time Balm I have something to use that will also help to sooth him to sleep at night time. Again as with the head to toe wash it contains chamomile which is known for its relaxing and calming fragrance. 
The best way to use this is by rubbing on the pulse points like the wrists, insides of elbows and behind the ears as it will help release the calming fragrance settling your baby before bed and it definitely worked with Charlie. I think the scent plus the massaging sensation calmed him and within 5 minutes he was asleep so calmly in his cot and for the first time since he was born he slept all night straight through.

The range is available to buy from Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury's.
You can follow Mum & Me on Facebook and on Twitter.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

28 July 2012

PJzoo.com Little Dino Pyjamas

Pjzoo.com are an online pyjama company who specialise in funky and original animal designed pyjamas for boys and girls. They come in two ranges, little kids 2-6 years and big kids 7-12 years and all have a cute animal design on them with coordinating colour schemes.
The collection is bright and funky but the focus of PJzoo.com is very much on quality and comfort and you can tell this once you feel the material used, 100% soft cotton which gives the pyjamas that luxury high standard every mum wants for their child.

They come in brightly coloured packaging lovingly wrapped with a fridge magnetic included. The pyjamas themselves are a soft cotton jersey short sleeved top and striped three-quarter length bottoms.
Thomas is an animal fanatic and loved the dinosaur print, in fact when I asked him which pair he wanted he pointed straight to this pair. You can also get the pyjamas with other animals on them such as penguins, turtles and zebra designs just to name a few.
For me personally, I loved the fact that they are three-quarter length. I always find that long pyjamas would rise up Thomas's legs whilst he was sleeping making him uncomfortable and shorts are a bit too cold for all weather use.
I must admit that in the past we have struggled to find pyjamas that are beautifully designed and are comfy for Thomas to wear over and over without losing their brightness. These are now in fact Thomas's favourite pair and I can imagine us buying a lot more pairs in the future.

Pyjamas can be bought from their website, little kids sizes are £18.00 and big kids are £20.00 and all include free UK delivery.

24 July 2012

Painting the day away

Thomas loves drawing so this week we got him a new Art Set, it was only £6.99 from Amazon. It has crayons, pencil colours, felt tips, ruler, rubber, scissors, glue and paints. It's such a great set for the small price.

We had great fun drawing, colouring and painting but I removed the scissors and the glue just because I don't think he's old enough yet to understand how to use them properly.
I started out by drawing a few shapes onto the paper so Thomas could colour them in. We are trying at the moment to get Thomas drawing shapes and colouring a little better.

I do love drawing too, although I'm not good at actually drawing nice pictures, I still find it relaxing to do.

Eventually Thomas finished his painting and was so proud of it as we were too. This is it:

I think now we have got this set we can draw together and interact together whilst learning and bonding so it's all good.

23 July 2012

Mission to lose weight - Week 2

Weight - 10 stone 13lb
BMI - 25.46
Indicating that I'm still overweight.
Target weight - 9 stone 7 lb

Over the past week I haven't been able to do too much exercise using the machines we bought although we have mowed both gardens and sorted the house out so I have done some exercise of sorts.
I've lost 1lb which yeah isn't much but at least is in the right direction.

Snacking is my downfall, when I'm peckish I go for chocolate or biscuits so this week I've bought loads of different healthier snacks and breakfast bars to snack on.

I went for different products so I could choose what I wanted based on what I was tempted to eat. These all should last me a few week too.
Hopefully now I'm not eating rubbish I should start losing weight!

22 July 2012

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

21 July 2012

Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes Tag

Have you ever looked at your babies old clothes and wanted to keep them for all the memories but don't have the space? I have, all the time. Especially this week when we decided to sell all of Charlie's smaller aged clothes to make way for his new clothes. Looking at his cute babygrows, I was gutted to be getting rid of them but then came across Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes. The lovely lady there takes your babies old clothes and makes them into something else. From bunny's to blankets, keyrings, cushions or tags (like in the photo above).

I decided to post her a babygrow Charlie used to wear all the time. It was a blue striped Disney Taz one from George at Asda and was fleece material. I though this one would be best as it had a sewn on picture of Taz and also some writing that says 'Baby Taz'. 
The babygrow was then cut a shaped to make a tag and then some taggy lace pieces sewn into the seams of it so Charlie would have something to hold onto. After it was finished it was posted to us and we received it very quickly indeed and Charlie loves it, he holds onto it and crawls around the room with it in his hand. The quality is fantastic and I will definitely use Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes if I ever have any more babies.

Tags are available to buy for £3 each or 2 for £5.
Bunny's are £10
Cushions are £12 or 2 for £20
Blankets are £20
Keyrings are £1.50 or 5 for £6

***CLOSED*** Crazy Soap Giveaway!

After separating all entries depending on which prize they wanted I can now
reveal the winners (as chosen by random.org) are: 

Boys Prize:

WINNER - Bex, also known as @OhNoItsBex

Girls Prize:

WINNER - Donna Harvey

Congratulations to both winners. Can both winners please email me at 
you have 7 days to claim your prize


Thomas loved playing with Crazy Soap in the bath. Read our review here. Now you my loyal readers have a chance to win it.

There are 2 prizes up for grabs:

  • Girls prize, red body paint and white foam
  • Boys prize, blue body paint and green foam

  1. Comment below this post telling me whether you want to win the prize for a girl, a boy or be entered for both. Include a way of contacting you. (1st entry)
  2. Share the competition post that is on my Facebook page and then come back here letting me know you've done so and include your Facebook name. (2nd entry)
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Please use a separate comment for each entry, a maximum of 3 entries per person.

The competition closes on the 14th August at 8pm, UK entry only. Winner has 7 days to claim and then another winner will be chosen.

20 July 2012

***CLOSED*** Snacks Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed and I can announce that the winner
who has been randomly chosen by random.org is:


Congratulations! Please reply to the email I have sent you within 7 days please to claim your prize.

Randomly chosen from 12 entries as one had to be discounted due to not leaving their name.

I've reviewed quite a few baby snacks and now is your chance to win them.

Up for grabs is in this photo:

  • A box of Baby Mum-Mum
  • A pack or Organix sweetcorn rings
  • A pack of Plum tomato rings
  • 3 Plum strawberry cheesecake chomps
  • A few more extra snacks that will be added

You must be following my blog by Google Friends Connect, on the right hand side. 

1. Comment below telling me your babies favourite food and a way of contacting you, either twitter name, facebook name or email address. 
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Please use a separate comment for each entry, a maximum of 2 entries per person.

The competition closes on 31st July at 8pm, UK entry only. Winner has 7 days to claim and then another will be chosen.

Good Luck!

19 July 2012

Taking Photos is hard work!

I love taking photos. Those precious moments that you can keep and cherish forever. 

I take photos nearly everyday, especially of Thomas and Charlie, we have hundreds that I just sit and look through sometimes and cannot believe how much they have changed.

Sometimes you can get the most perfect picture which looks fantastic but trying to get a picture of a child is a chore.

Looking away, pulling faces and even giving the camera dirty looks, we've had it all. Charlie always smiles at the camera but as soon as I press the clicker he starts pulling faces at it instead. Thomas usually looks at the camera for maybe a second and then gets bored and watches tv instead.

Eventually after much taking and deleting I will get photos that look somewhat better and I can actually save to get it processed for our albums.

Here's a montage of some of my favourite photos:


One thing I have always been scared of whilst out and about with the pram was letting go of the handles. I've heard stories of parents who let go of the pram handles for a few seconds only for the pram to roll onto the road or even train line as seen in a video on the news not long back, luckily the child was unharmed. BuggyTug is designed to combat that. It is a handle that fastens around your pram and has a part you put your hand through so as to connect you to the pram. Therefore if you let go of the pram you are still attached to it and it cannot roll away. 

That's not all now though. The inventors of BuggyTug have now brought out TrioTug, these are 3 different tugs designed for usuage on the pram. 
They are:
  • The BuggyTug
A tug that connects mum and pram together to stop it rolling away. 
  • The ToddleTug
This is a tug that fastens around the pram and gives a handle for toddlers to hold onto whilst walking at the side of the pram. 
  • The TeddyTug
This is as you would presume by the name, a tug that connects from the pram to your child's favourite toy stopping the toy/teddy falling from the pram and getting lost.

I love all three of the tugs, the first 2 with the safety aspect and the latter for the fact that my sons favourite teddy won't fall out of the pram which before we got these it did on many occasions. 
With Thomas being 3 year old we are trying to teach him to stay at the side of the pram whilst walking which has been quite hard as he usually would try to hold the handle of the pram. This would mean that he would struggle as its high up and he would end up pulling the pram off centre and it would start turning. Now we have the ToddleTug he holds that and loves the fact that he has his own little handle to walk with. 
You can purchase the BuggyTug for £3.99 or the set of TrioTugs for £9.99 from their website.

BKids Bath Duck Family

BKids are all about education and fun. Their goal is to provide better and safer innovative products that bring laughter, learning, and fun to kids all over the world. From learning toys to stacking, musical, rattles and bath toys. We were sent the Bath Duck Family bath toy, it comprises of one mother duck and two little ducklings.
My kids love playing in the bath but it's hard to find toys that they can play with together. I would never have thought that a set of bath ducks would work so well in getting them playing. These are great as I bath my boys together and they are something that appeal to both of them.

Although thomas likes all three ducks, he prefers the big one. Squeezing it then pushing it under the water to fill it up to then squirt it all over he finds great fun and Charlie loves watching him do it.

Charlie is teething bad at the moment and will usually try to bite the rings on his bath seat but it means him leaning right down to get them. Now he has the little ducks they are just the right size for him to play with and even bite which he seems to like doing.

It's great because usually they both end up moaning whilst in the bath as they hate being washed and cleaned but because they now have something to pay with it distracts them so I can wash them whilst they are playing. 

The B kids brand believes that kids should simply do what they do best - Be playful, Be happy and just be kids!

The duck family are available for purchase from Lambs Toys for £3.75.

18 July 2012

OMG Fashion!

I hardly ever wear dresses. There is not much choice out there for women who have a little extra tummy from being pregnant. When OMG Fashion sent me out 2 dresses to review I was sceptical whether they would cover my lumps and bumps appropriately and whether they would actually look nice on me. Looking at the dresses for the first time I thought they looked really long, I'm 5foot 5inch and thought they would be too long for me but in actual fact they were the perfect length.

Boobtube Maxi
This is a beautiful dress, having a pleat at the front makes the dress very floaty meaning it covers all those insecurities and sits great.
It is made from viscose and elastane, this makes the material very stretchy which is a must as it will fit varying people with different sized busts.
The boobtube part clings to me holding the dress up which is great since it doesn't have straps.

I teamed the dress with SoYouShoes sparkly glitter platforms, a Trish's Treasures bracelet and a Loira swarovski crystal necklace.

The coral colour is perfect for my skin complexion and hair colour and its none formal look means I can wear it for a night out or change to some flats and wear when out shopping. With a price tag of only £13.99 I think it's fab!

Full Length Maxi
When it came to trying on this dress I was a little self-conscious. Would the fact that it is a straight down dress show off all my lumpy bits and make me look frumpy? The answer, no it didn't. It clings to all the right places and looks great. 

I Wore this dress with Topshop black court shoes, a Trish's Treasures bracelet and the necklace is from Big Daisy Kiss Boutique.

I actually found that I preferred this dress and with a price of only £12.99 I can see why many others do too.

Night-time Takeover!

Most of the time both boys are asleep for 8pm so me and Simon get the night to chill, relax and watch normal tv, yes that means no cartoons!
Yesterday though Charlie was a bit under the weather, sneezing and coughing which means disturbed sleep. After taking him upstairs to bed, he both in turn woke up crying so ended up coming back downstairs.

Charlie fell asleep straight away on the sofa but was so fidgety which means I need to constantly keep an eye on him so he doesn't work his way off the sofa.
Today he seems better, luckily for us!

17 July 2012

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuit

Rice biscuits have been used as a snack all over Asia for centuries but have never really been seen over here in the West. That is until now!
Baby Mum-Mum are a new snack made from organic Japonica rice and other all natural ingredients. They have been made for introducing solid food to your baby and also for teething babies. They are hard crackers but as soon as they touch your tongue they begin to dissolve making them a great snack for babies.
They are gluten free, egg free, lactose free and peanut free making them a great choice for babies with allergies. Baby Mum-Mum also have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

They come in a box which contains 8 packs and each pack has 2 biscuits in it. Perfectly sized to pop in your bag and give as a snack whilst out and about.

After having an initial play with the biscuit and sussing it out, Charlie had a try and loved it. He ate the whole thing and then climbed up to the table to try and get the other one which he then ate as well.
I'm always scared that Charlie will choke and so these make me feel more comfortable giving him snacks as I know that they will start dissolving straight away.
The texture means that they are helping Charlie learn how to chew and getting him used to biting and eating properly. 
The one main reason I know Charlie loves these biscuits is because as soon as I open the cupboard and he sees the box he gets all excited and starts clapping his hands which is so cute and shows that this biscuit is a winner!

You can buy Baby Mum-Mum from Amazon. You get 4 boxes for £7.12. That's such a low price for a great  and healthy product. 

15 July 2012

Family Day at the Park

We love going to the park and having a nice day so yesterday when my husbands brother asked if we wanted to go to the bigger park closer to him we jumped at the chance. We went to Armley Park, which is about 20 minutes away from us, it has a children's play area plus huge fields to play sports and have a run. It also has a river running down the back of it but we couldn't get to see it as there are 142 steps to get down to the river and we had the pram.

Thomas loves going to the park, playing on the swings, roundabout and his favourite, the slides but as you can see from the photo below Charlie did not enjoy himself. He'd got himself over tired by refusing to sleep before we set off so was a bit moody at the park.

A scorcher of a day meant we were all out. Simon's mum Annie, his brother Wayne and brother's fiancée Nina, nephew's Casey and Nathan and their dog, Diesel. 
Reaching for the trees on daddies shoulders was fun for Thomas, he did try playing football with his cousins but it was quite hard as they are older and bigger than him so would have to keep stopping to let Thomas have a kick but at least they let him join in.

Finally, we set off home with Simon's mum and as she was looking after Nathan, he came too. It was still hot outside so we got the pool out. I think Thomas loved having someone to play with, Charlie is still too young to play so Thomas usually ends up in the garden playing with me or Simon.

We kept Charlie inside where it was cool but opened the patio doors so the kids could come in and out as they pleased.

I think having enjoyable days out with family is great, getting to catch up with the ones we don't get to see often and letting Thomas get out and play.
Going to the park is one of the best ways to keep children entertained, it costs nothing but gives kids loads of things to do. Just take some sandwiches, drinks, a football and your sorted!