14 December 2012

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

I love seeing the tree coming together. Every year I'm so excited when it comes to decorating the tree. At the moment we have to use a fake tree as the boys are too young for a real one. Thomas would be just knocking it about and Charlie would be trying to eat any fallen needles from it so we stick with a fake one.

We started with the lights, then tinsel and then baubles. The star came last and we let Thomas proudly present that on top of the tree. 

After a few days of having it up I got bored. It looked boring, plain blue and silver so we decided for a change. After popping out to buy some special kiddie tree decorations, candy canes and craft items we came up with the above decorations for the tree. Fabric Santa's, little ping pong ball snowmen, chocolate baubles, sweetie baubles and gingerbread men (also had gingerbread house and tree).

Now our tree looks a lot better, see it below.

I think our tree looks great, although being quite honest, Thomas and Charlie do keep pinching treats from it. By the time we get to Christmas it may be bare but as long as we had a good time decorating it that's all that matters


  1. Your tree is too cute and I love those ornaments!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Aww! It looks lovely!!
    My 2 keep pinching the chocolates & candy canes off ours too...lol

  3. Ur tree is so pretty, ours look like a bomb has exploded on it

  4. Ah I love Christmas trees! This year I let the kids do the whole thing and I love that it is hideously lopsided and all the decoration are at the bottom! Who cares, they love it!

  5. Ohh I love that you got a picture of the tree at each stage - fab! Mich x