31 December 2012

New Year, New Me... Yeah Right!

Every year I say the same things. Oh I'm not eating Chocolate any more, I'm going to lose weight, be more active and so on but to be honest it never happens. I don't have to willpower to exercise like some people can, I'd much rather be sat watching the soaps eating chocolate which is my downfall. This year I'm not doing it. I'm not going to quit chocolate because I know it'll never happen. 

My only resolution this year is to smile more, be happy and just have fun. I seem to be a very pessimistic person and so this year I'm going to try being more optimistic. As they say, a happier person, a happier being and soul. 

As we wave (wave get it lol) goodbye to 2012 and wonder into 2013 what is your resolution going to be? Do you make them? Do you stick to them? Or do you just enjoy being yourself?

Let us know...


  1. I make resolution's every year never stick to them....This year stuff it...I'm making none!! lol

    Be happy!

    Happy New year & all the best for 2013 x

  2. I was told I should be kinder to myself. I'm going to try.

  3. Happy New Year!
    I never make resolutions. Instead I write as though it's the end of the year. I write, '2013 was the best year of my life because........'
    then list why it was the best year in as much detail as I can.
    It's very powerful and at the end of each year there's always at least a few things on my list that have happened.
    Not too late to write it now ;)

  4. Just reading this past post for the New Year before last. I know exactly how you feel. Every year I say I'm going to exercise more and lose weight but it never happens. And I prefer to stay in and watch TV too!

  5. my resolution for 2013 was to keep exercising for another year (my third) and I have kept to it.