5 December 2012

If you just Smile!

Everyone needs to smile once in a while. Yes life may be getting you down, its hard sometimes I'm sure everyone knows that but don't fret, don't worry, just smile and your whole being will feel better.

Its amazing how just a simple thing like a smile, even from a stranger, can make someone feel better. Try it. Next time your on a bus or in a packed shop just smile, you'll see the world is a much brighter place and also you'll emit your positive vibes onto people around you, in turn making them feel happy too.

I believe in positive mental attitude, as in, if you think happy and positive life will be more positive.

Problems aren't here to get you down, there here to make you learn, make you figure things out and also if you overcome the problem and work your own solution you will again come out of it feeling positive.

Take the mick out of yourself. Its not about making yourself look stupid but actually just having fun. Wear a Santa hat whilst out shopping, pull funny faces, jump in puddles, it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it.

Its amazing what one little smile can do! Give it a try... 

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