8 December 2012

Garden Games Rocket Play Tent

For a while now Thomas has been asking for a tent, a house, his own little space to have his things in. We did have a look into getting him a tent but none seemed sturdy enough to have a 3 year old and a 15 month old jumping on them. When Garden Games approached me, I was immediately drawn to the quality of their products and straight away Thomas saw the Rocket tent and wanted it, so that's what we chose to review.

Opening the box, I thought it was going to be a nightmare to put together. Loads of wooden pieces, different sizes and then plastic brackets/corners too, again in different shapes and sizes. No way were me and Simon able to do this but actually we did, quite easily in fact.

The instructions were set out right from sorting out the pieces and explained in proper English how to connect each pieces, which pieces went where etc, which was great for us as we are not really the D.I.Y. type. 

There were a few fiddly bits, like the top of it. Trying to get the screws in at the angle was quite challenging but we did it. We had both boys playing and messing about around us but still managed to get the tent up fairly simply. The rocket tent is a great size with a 1.1m diameter and is 1.4m tall.

The best thing for me is the small wooden pieces that stick out from each angle at the base. These stop the tent from tipping over and make it even more sturdy than it already is although in space tent language these are used to sturdy the rocket when landing in space. 

The tent fabric is made from waterproof polyester fabric meaning it's great for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a brightly coloured tent, with prints of moons and stars and has three porthole windows for seeing out into space.  

Thomas absolutely loves having the rocket tent and Charlie is always popping in and out of it giggling to himself as he peeks through one of the portholes. Whether Thomas is sat in the rocket tent to spy out of a porthole and watch cartoons or to blast off into space, I know this will be one object that is loved and used a heck of a lot.

You can visit the Gardens Games website here to see al information about that tent and where to purchase from. The Rocket Play Tent has an RRP of £54.99


  1. Hi This tent looks great fun.Love the fact its waterproof for outdoors.

  2. This looks fab!!! My boys are into space and aliens at the mo it would save them trying to trash the girls' Wendy house!

  3. looks great but a bit too complicated for me :-Z

  4. Looks great...makes a change fom a Wendy house :)