14 December 2012

Esme Lily Perfume Pendant

I love perfume but being a mummy means that I can't just carry a bottle around with me in my bag. I have more important things like milk, nappies, wipes etc everything for my children.Carrying a glass bottle filled with perfume wouldn't be a very good idea when I have little hands rifling through my bag trying to find treats. 

Esme pendants are here to combat that. Not only are they stunning pendants that would look great with any outfit but they have a secret. Just open it up and inside is a secret perfume roll on ready to fill up with your favourite scent. 
I decided to go for the Silver Lily pendant as I thought it was simple yet stylish. It is silver plated with swarovski crystals dotted in heart shaped cut outs. 

The perfume roll on is easy to fill up. There are three parts as shown in the picture. The lid (which also doubles up into the funnel), the roll on and the cup which holds the perfume. To fill it you simply open the sections and place the funnel into the cup part, a few squirts of your favourite perfume can then be sprayed into the funnel which will drip into the cup and then the roll on section can then be placed back on and can be put back into the pendant for when you need to use it. 

I think the perfume part of the pendant is a great invention. It is simple to use and fill and the pendant also emits fragrance from what's held inside too so you'll now have no excuse not to smell good!

You can buy the Esme pendants from their website here for £24.99

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I love the design as well, it's so pretty. I'm going to buy myself one of these and I had no idea what to buy my friend for christmas, one of these would be perfect!

  2. what a great idea such a pretty piece too :)

  3. Great review thank you! Gorgeous!