18 December 2012

Christmas Treats from Aldi

I'm sure all of us have a nice chocolatey treat every now and then. Me? I love chocolate but ave never been a biscuit person. I'd much rather have a choccie bar than biscuits any day.

The Lebkuchen Assortment of biscuits is different. They are a selection of German Christmas biscuits, 4 different varieties in the pack. I say biscuits but to me there more like little cakes, very soft and chewy, a lot nicer than normal biscuits and they are covered in chocolate which is a bonus too. The pack of biscuits costing £3.29 per pack.

To be honest, in our house they didn't last that long. Charlie kept coming and pinching one and then hiding round the back of the sofa whilst he gobbled it all up before coming for another. Thomas liked them too, although with him not being much of a chocolate lover, he stuck with the plain ones.

The Choceur Chocolate Reindeer's were especially loved in our house. It was as if the boys had never seen animal shaped chocolate ever. Before I could have a look at the cute design, the wrapper was whipped off one of them and both boys were sat devouring it.

The chocolate was so smooth and melt in the mouth that I ended up pinching a few bites of it. One of the reindeer's lasted all of 5 minutes and then we got the nagging for the other one. A lovely chocolate flavour and a bargain at only 99p each, even me and Simon tucked into them too and are making sure we pop down to Aldi to stock up on more of them.

You can purchase both the Lebkuchen Assortment and the Choceur Chocolate Reindeer's in Aldi stores now.
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  1. I love Aldi's stuff and it must be good as they always come out on top as the best supermarket! I can't wait to see what Christmas stuff they have this year!

  2. I love this brand! Thanks for the review!