6 November 2012

Micro Scooters Scooter Aid

In this country we are very fortunate to be able to afford to buy things for our children. Whether it be basics like food and clothing to more extravagant things like Christmas presents. 

Micro Scooters have now launched Scooter Aid. This is a scheme whereby they hope to provide third-World children with physical and mental stimulation and are hoping to recycle all old micro scooter that would usually end up thrown out in landfill. 

This year they will be supporting Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya. Tumaini is an orphanage and is home to 60 children. They have a small amount of toys and most they do have are broken. As this is the first year of Scooter Aid, Micro Scooters and aiming to send over 60 scooters so that each child will have their own present which will be given to them at a Christmas party in December 2012.

Do you have an old, unused or broken Micro Scooter? Well get involved!

To donate your Micro Scooter just wrap it or box it up, print out the free returns label here and then simply take it to the Post Office. (There is no charge for sending the scooter to Micro Scooters)

You can then keep up to date with Scooter Aid is doing and when your scooter arrives in Kenya by joining the Micro Scooters Facebook page here.

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  1. All my sons friends take their micro scooters to school. Is there anyway to put my son's name on his so it won't embarrass him but will be fairly easily seen? (I've never forgiven my mother for putting my name in indelible marker all over my bike.)