23 November 2012

Cusson's Mum & Me Poll - Leaving Baby

Tis’ the season to be jolly with the Christmas party season about to start, but instead of looking forward to the occasion, a number of new mums are silently struggling with leaving their babies behind for the first time.

Sleepless nights and 24/7 care for your baby can be tough and mums deserve a break, but a survey by Cusson's Mum & Me shows that, out of the 1000 mums polled, nearly a quarter of them wouldn't think of leaving their baby with anyone else until they are at least 8 month old and even when they do leave them, half feel guilty about doing so. Over 11% of mums polled stated that they missed their baby so much that it brought them to tears.

According to a poll done by Cusson's Mum & Me it reveals that:

  • 88% of new mums text or call home to check up on baby during a night out
  • 30% are unable yo relax whilst out without their baby
  • 50% of mums feel guilty for leaving their baby with someone else
  • Nearly 1/4 of new British mums wait at least 8 months before leaving someone else 'holding the baby'

I remember being a first time mummy 3 years ago. The heartache of leaving Thomas was horrible. I would end up staying in, not doing anything because I couldn't bear leaving him. I felt stupid as because even though he was only staying with my parents whom I trusted I still couldn't bring myself to go out.

When I finally did go out with Simon for a meal, I was so worried that I hardly ate, I ended up ringing my mum just to make sure Thomas was OK. 

Relax & Unwind Sleep Mist contains Camomile and Lavender known to help you to relax and unwind. Not only can it help you gently drift off to sleep but also may help mums with the anxiety of leaving their baby.

I use the sleep mist a lot, it really does help relax my body and I ease off to sleep. I imagine the relaxing tones within the spray would also help with the separation anxiety  of leaving your child for the first time. It has a real soothing calming effect.

Leaving your child can be very upsetting but it does get easier, take it at your own pace and make sure you are comfortable with the situation before rushing yourself.

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  1. I struggled to leave my girls when they were babies....You're right it does get easier :)