17 October 2012


I love shopping! It's not often we have spare money to go out and splurge on my husband on me but this week we had a great spree buying all the things we needed. 
I wanted some new tops, longer ones that I could wear with leggings but also wanted them lose so to cover up my mummy tummy. 

I got 4 new tops and a pair of leggings from H&M, I also needed some new underwear so popped into La Senza and got some new bras, a snip at 2 for £20.
My husband didn't need any new clothes but wanted some new pumps. I'm a very quick shopper, I choose what I want and pay but my husband likes to look at everything, try everything on and then buy the first thing he looked at. He eventually chose a pair of Vans from Bank. 

All in all it was a great day shopping and we bought everything we needed. I cannot wait to go shopping again and buy some more bits but as always, our boys come first and usually they will be needing new clothes.

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