16 October 2012


Thomas loves riding his scooter. Whenever he plays outside he will be on it, scooting around, going as fast as he can without falling off. Then it gets to this weather, horrible rainy, windy and cold meaning he can't go out. Even if I wrap him up warm his hands get cold and gloves are a no no when playing on a scooter as they make his hands slip from the scooter handle. 

When I came across Scooterearz I was intrigued. They were the great idea of Vickie and Elisa, between them having 7 children ranging from 3 to 10 years old. After taking their kids to school and having complaints of cold hands they had a brainstorm and that's where the idea was born. Making samples for their children and the positive response from local mums gave them the incentive to make the product themselves.

They are available in 4 designs, these are:

  • Classic Black
  • 2012 Limited Edition Union Jack
  • 2012 Limited Edition Girls Flowers
  • 2012 Limited Edition Boys Cars

We chose the Boys Cars design as Thomas loves cars. Scooterearz are washable, durable, wind and waterproof and fit all makes of scooters. 

The Scooterearz are easy to fit to any scooter, the have an elasticated opening that slides onto each handle. They also have the opening to place hands into which has been made extra large for a quick escape from the scooter in an emergency. 

Thomas loved using them, the soft fur lining makes them toasty warm and because he can still hold the handlebars as normal, it means he has a strong grip, keeping control of the scooter. We also use them when Thomas goes out on his bike too, they fit perfectly, so he doesn't have to suffer cold hands whilst using that too.

The Limited Edition Cars Scooterearz can be purchased from their website for only £14.99 including free delivery.

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