16 October 2012

Mega Fancy Dress

All children love dressing up, especially this time of year when Halloween is in a few weeks but other times during the year it's great to just get dolled up in a bit of fancy dress and mess about, have a giggle and have some fun.

Mega Fancy Dress kindly offered 2 costumes for us to review and put through there paces. Looking through their website was simple, each section set out and named according to style so it was easy to navigate. It really did take a long time to narrow down our favourites, there are so many to choose from but eventually we found 2 that we loved.

For Thomas we went for the Disney's Peter Pan Costume. He is currently obsessed with pirates and loves Peter Pan so this one was quite an easy decision. Opening the package, Thomas eyes lit up! He wanted the costume on straight away. He was so excited and kept running round the room singing 'I'm gunna be Peter Pan' laughing his little head off. 

The fit was perfect, we went for 3-4 years which I was a bit unsure of as Thomas is big for his age but actually it was a great fit. 
The costume came with the top, trousers, the hat and the dagger. The trousers are very long and will fit for a while after now and the top is just the right fit. 
The detailing is fantastic on the top with it's jagged sleeves, button detailing and a cute little picture of Peter Pan on the chest. 

This costume is a steal at only £14.49. The quality for the price is amazing and I'm sure we will have many happy days pretending to be Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook and just altogether having a fun time.   

Choosing for Charlie was a bit harder. He's still so young that he cannot choose for himself and doesn't really have anything he prefers so it was mainly picking what we thought would be the cutest. We eventually chose the Blue Handsome Rabbit Costume. The light blue fluffy material is so soft and extremely cute. It comes as a 3 piece, the romper, hat and carrot rattle. 

The costume has checked detailing on the chest, feet and ears, a blue bow tie and has a bobble tail and a bobble on the hat too. The material is thin and durable so wont overheat Charlie at all and is very comfortable for him. Charlie loved the rattle, playing, wiggling and even trying to eat it, he loved wearing this costume. 

This rabbit costume is priced at £16.49. Again, I think it is really cheap for the quality and what you get. Not only the costume but accessories to match.

The whole range can be viewed on the website.

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