17 October 2012


Fudge is one of my favourite treats, I could eat loads of it and both my boys love it too. The soft texture and gorgeous sweet taste. When I came across Fudgeridoo I was excited to see the range of flavours they do. A huge choice of tastes and toppings, smarties, rolos, popcorn, all sorts.

We were sent 2 nice sized pieces of fudge in a cute gift box, a piece of Blue Banana and a piece of Triple Layer. 
The Blue Banana didn't last long with my boys, they loved the sweet taste. I thought it had a somewhat tutti-frutti flavour and the little smarties on the top were great to add another texture and flavour.

The Triple Layer piece was my favourite, although I only managed to get one bite before Thomas took it. Layered chocolate, caramel and vanilla giving it a very sumptuous flavour. I wanted more as soon as they were gone and went straight to their Facebook page to see all the rest of their fudge and see which I wanted to get next. 

I think it was a very subtle move to ask for bloggers to come forward to review their fudge as now I will definitely be a customer in future and will be recommending their fudge to all my followers and friends.

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  1. This fudge does look so yummy