18 September 2012

Tesco Easy Fit Pants

Now, although I must admit straight away that Charlie isn't n fact ready to use easy fit pants as I would think they are more for potty training, I am basing this review on fit and practicality. 

Easy fit pants are just like a normal nappy but instead of having the tabs that stick to the front of the nappy to secure they have sealed sides, just like knickers. They are still padded like a nappy and will soak up any accidents made by the child but also act as a way to get your child learning to use the toilet. They pull down easily so your child can go to the potty or toilet and then simply just pull them back up and carry on playing. Then when they need to come off you can either pull them down or rip the sides quite easily. 

I found them easy to use, just pull them on as you would a pair of knickers and that's it. They are quite stretchy so easy fit for most young children and are padded, they absorb quite a bit of liquid so accidents are not a problem.

Although, like I said, at the moment I can not fully review these for their help with potty training but being a mummy of a 3 year old who has already been potty trained I can see how much easier these will make it, especially when it comes to accidents.

Tesco's Easy Fit Pants are available to buy in-store and on-line, the pack we received are size 4 (maxi) and are priced at £3.55 for 22 of them.

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