6 September 2012

Save The Children - It shouldn't happen here

I found out about this campaign from Elite Blogger Susanne Remic's post on Babyhuddle.

Save the Children has launched its first ever UK campaign named It shouldn't happen here. The name suits very well as to be honest I never realized that in this day and age, in the UK, there are children who go without food and clothing. Being one of the most powerful countries in the World and yet the recession has left some 3.5 million UK children living in poverty.

I think sometimes we take things for granted too much. I mean just yesterday, Thomas had not only had his three main meals but also had snacks and a few sweets. To learn that some children aren't even getting their basic 3 meals a day is quite shocking and that their parents are even having to go without food themselves to make sure that their children are fed. For instance, did you know that 1 in 8 of the poorest children in the UK go without at least one hot meal a day and 1 in 10 of the poorest UK parents cutting back on their own food to make sure their children are fed, a report revealed. How can that be happening in this country?

"Together, we can turn this around. We can break the vicious cycle that keeps people poor – generation after generation."

Since the recession, so many people have lost their jobs and the Government have focused more on the unemployed status and not the families that are behind the people. 

With Thomas starting nursery this week, I am very distressed to learn that one in seven of the poorest children surveyed say they have to go without a warm winter coat and new shoes when they need them. And nearly a fifth of children living in poverty say they miss out on school trips because their parents haven't got the money. Did you know that 80% of parents have admitted to borrowing money to buy essentials like food and clothing?

"Child Poverty in 2012, It Shouldn’t Happen Here" also reveals for the poorest children:

  • 43% of children see their parents cutting back on things for themselves such as food and clothes (27% of low income parents say they skip meals because they can't afford food)
  • Over a third of children (36%) say their family struggles to pay the bills.
  • 15% of children say they go without new shoes when they’ve grown out of their old ones, 14% go without a warm winter coat and 23% of parents say their children miss out on school trips because they can't afford them.
  • 29% of parents say they can’t afford to have their children's friends over for tea and 10% miss out on celebrating their birthday.
  • 13% have stopped asking for anything because they know their parents can’t afford it, with a further 25% only asking for things they really need. 
"Child poverty. It shouldn’t happen here. It’s wrong and you can do something to help."

Save the Children spoke to more than 1500 youngsters and 5000 parents in their wide-ranging report.  The charity says it's aiming to raise £500,000 to help its work in the UK, targeting the poorest children - the first time it has appealed to the UK public for funds to help children at home.

What do you think about these reports? Were you surprised by the findings? Is the recession affecting you?Have you had to make changes or sacrifices because of it? Please get in touch.

You can donate to Save the Children here.


  1. wow, this is an eye opener, one in eight of the poorest kids won't get a hot meal a day :(

    i think there should be some kind of service (like meals on wheels) but for kids , so they get one decent meal per day, i heard one of my friends saying they rely on free school dinners, and during the kids holidays she simply cannot afford to buy enough food for 3 meals per day, it saddened me a lot :(

    And call me selfish, but when all these charities ask for money for the kids in the 3rd world, yes i feel bad for them, but what about our own???

    Emma Lou George on FB

  2. so sad to read this :-( poor kids a hot meal is not a big ask in the year 2012

  3. How sad. If I didn't have enough money I would steal for my kids. I know that's not right but my kids come first

  4. it is so sad i think if we id not send billions a year to 3rd world countries we would not be i a position like this we wll become a 3rd orld country ourselves and its all so sad :(

  5. Wow are we that much in the crap that even our kids are not eating properly. Don't the gorvernment realise that they are our future