20 September 2012


I always like to get fruit into my boys diets but sometimes it can be hard, especially with Charlie who cant eat some of the harder fruit. Also the cutting up, coring, slicing, peeling can become very time consuming which is a no no when you have young children. Basically,when they want some fruit, they want it NOW!

Fruitypot's are pots of fruit readily prepared in fruit juices or jelly ready for consumption. They even come with their own handy little spoon so you can have one whilst out and about without having to worry about cutlery. Each pot is one of your recommended five a day.

The flavours they come in are:
  • Mandarin segments in fruit juice
  • Pineapple pieces in fruit juice
  • Peach and pear piece in fruit juice
  • Tropical fruit pieces in fruit juice
  • Peach pieces in peach flavour jelly
  • Tropical pieces in pineapple flavour jelly
  • Mandarin pieces in orange flavour jelly

Whilst Thomas enjoyed the pots with the jelly, Charlie loved the ones in fruit juice, although Thomas would drink the rest of the juice out of the pot once all the pieces had gone.

Each pot is high in energy and low in fat, they are gluten free and dairy free too so a great snack for lunch boxes or just a cheeky healthy snack when your pekish. 
I love the fact that they come in fruit juices and jellies as after dinner sometimes I do a dessert so now I just use the fruitypot's with jelly and serve with a little cream for an instant easy dessert. 
I also found that they were great for picnics and outings, for long journeys when they boys get hungry in the back of the car and as an easy supper before bed.

Their not just fruity, their fruitilicious!

You can purchase Fruitypots from Asda, Farmfoods and Iceland stores.

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  1. they look yum, i take fruit to work but these look tastier, might have to try them

  2. i keep shaking that tree to win some of these, no luck as of yet, they look yummy, looks like the kids enjoyed them :)

    Emma Lou George on fb

    1. I've been shaking the tree too but haven't won yet lol. Both boys love them and at least it's a great way to get fruit into them x