15 September 2012

First week at nursery and immunisations

This week has been very emotional for all of us. For the first time since Thomas was born we had to leave him with someone he didn't know as this was the week when he started nursery. Not only that but Charlie had to have his 12 month immunisations too.

So, let's start with Monday, the first day of School!
When  we first dropped Thomas off I thought he was gunna be fine, no crying or anything. I told him we had to go home and he was fine about it. We left and on the walk back home, me and Simon both were very jittery about having to leave him. About an hour after we'd dropped him off, I rang the School just to see how he was coping and that was a mistake! They told me that Thomas had been crying for about half and hour before settling and going off to play, as soon as I put the phone down I burst out crying which in turn made Simon upset and just for good measure Charlie started too, ever the one to be centre of attention. Picking him up the teacher asked us if it would be ok to pick him up a little earlier and then get later each day just so he gets used to as as apparently a few of the boys had been very upset. I thought this was a great idea so as to get him used to been with other people.

Wednesdays injection day!
The day I was dreading all week, taking Charlie for his injections. With him being at 12 month we had a choice, either he could have one injection but then have to return in a month for another 2 or just have all 3 in one go. Although the latter may sound cruel and painful, it's actually over very quick and means done all in one go rather than Charlie having to go through it twice. I hate the horrible 'hold you breath' cry that he does when he gets his injections done but it only lasted 2 minutes and then he was right as reign trying to get off my  knee to play on the floor. Imms done!

Friday, weekend ahead!
Thomas's last day of the week at last. I couldn't wait for Friday to come so he could get a bit of a break. He actually still wanted to stay at school and although he still cried when we left him, by the time it came to picking him up, he didn't want to leave. It was great to hear from his teacher that he had been playing and interacting with the other children and had been singing and dancing in the hall too.

This week has been the most emotional by far but now it's over I can wait for Thomas to get back to School on Monday and make new friends.


  1. aww, so Thomas is defo getting used to it day by day, it's just the fact he sees you dropping him off, he's not used to it, but day by day he'll start to understand that he is spending the day with new friends and playing with new toys, hence why he didn't want to leave on the last day hehehe, great to see he's settling in.

    And great to hear Charlie's imms have gone by with hardly any tears, i bet you and Simon were more emotional than Charlie was lol, this is usually the case i think, bless ya'll , glad last week ended on a great note :D

    Emma Lou George on FB

  2. It is so hard to leave your first born at nursery what you soon realise is that within a couple of minutes they are playing and haveing fun.