15 September 2012


In our house we take teeth cleaning very serious. When I was younger I suffered with a calcium deficiency which left me with horrible teeth. I also had to have braces which was caused by having a dummy when I was a baby and it dragging all my teeth forward with the sucking motion. I've always made sure that both boys brush their teeth or get their teeth brushed twice a day to make sure they have a healthy clean mouth.

Curaprox is a Swiss company that specialises in premium oral care.  Curaprox  offers the most comprehensive range of brushes to ensure you can clean your whole mouth effectively and gently. They agreed to send us a variety of their products, that are suitable for our family, to try out and review how they were for us. The products we received were:

Ultra Soft Toothbrush x2
This is the softest of the Curaprox toothbrushes as even the slightest pressure will remove plaque without the trauma to the gums.

ATA Toothbrush x2
ATA stands for Atraumatic Total Access and is for teeth that have been damaged by over cleaning. The smaller head means itcan clean each tooth separately without too much pressure. This toothbrush is ideal for both adults and children.

Interdental Brushes x2 (pack of 5's)
Made specifically for cleaning between teeth. These come in 5 different sizes depending on the size of the gap between each tooth.

Sensitive Young Toothbrush
Made with a small neck and a rounded brush head to fit easily into a child's mouth. An ideal first toothbrush.

CuraKid Toothbrush
The soft rubber coating of the handle is perfect for small hands, with shape and grip to ensure ease of use and it stands upright on it's foot.

Medical Pacifier (pack of 2)
Designed by orthodontic specialist Dr Herbert Pick as the result of many years of research. His son‘s crossbite motivated him to develop an orthodontically optimised pacifier that reduced the risk of defective tooth positions to an absolute minimum. A usual pacifier transfers the pressure made from sucking to the roof of the mouth whereas a Curaprox pacifier transfers the pressure to the dental ridge supporting a natural a healthy jaw growth.

Enzycal Remineralising Toothpaste x2
Enzycal strengthens and supports the body’s natural anti bacterial system against harmful micro-organisms in the mouth. Sodium Fluoride reintegrates mineral nutrients from the saliva into the enamel. This re-mineralisation can balance or even reverse the lack of minerals in early dental caries. Enzycal is also SLS free (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), SLS can cause mouth ulcers.

Both boys loved trying their new toothbrushes as did Simon and I. Thomas has always hated hard toothbrushes as they would irritate his gums so with these being soft were great for him. The toothpaste we found a nice flavour and not too strong in intensity, leaving all our teeth clean and breath smelling fresh. 
Charlie's a sucker for a dummy and so using the Medical Pacifiers for the first time I thought would go badly, I thought he would scream from his dummy but he liked them. At first he had a look at it, put it in and out of his mouth a few times but then forgot it was different to hi regular dummy and carried on playing. 

I loved the ATA toothbrush as I have got wisdom teeth coming through and they are quite hard to reach with a regular toothbrush but the ATA toothbrush reach with ease, the small head fitting easily between the actual tooth and my jaw line with no pressure at all. The Interdental brushes were great, each fixing easily to the small handle and cleaning between each tooth with ease.
I'm so glad that I have now found toothbrushes and toothpaste that suit all my family and will help us all have healthy, clean mouths and gums.

All the Curaprox range can be bought of their on-line store here.
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  1. sounds like i could do with the ATA brush too, i have my wisdom tooth growing through on the bottom left, it's taking ages to come through and my dentist says it might not ever fully come through, so if it's not hurting then leave it, but sometimes i get food stuck in the hole and have got infections, this is not due to lack of brushing, but not being able to reach the tooth/hole, and i have used mouth wash but that stained my teeth, so would u recommend ATA brush in your opinion???

    Emma Lou George on FB

    1. It's my bottom left one that's coming through too lol Yeah it's great because it actually reaches round to the back and the small head on it means that it can brush that one tooth without getting caught on the others x

    2. Hi Emma
      The ATA is a great small headed soft bristled toothbrush suitable to adults and training children how to brush correctly. With regards to mouthwash, sounds like your referring to a Chlorohexdine rinse, most of these rinses can stain your teeth, alter taste percetion, and quite frankly taste vile... Here at Curaprox we have our ADS Curasept Mouthrinse, a 0.20% chlorohexdine rinse that DOESNT stain your teeth, DOESNT contain alcohol and therefore DOESNT sting you mouth and change taste perception.
      Please visit our website www.curaprox.co.uk for further information of to place an order.

  2. i will have to look into buying one then, do they sell them at the supermarkets or do you have to buy directly from them, do you know?

    Emma Lou George on FB

  3. I'm not too sure but will ask them and get back to you x

  4. ok, thanks hun

    Emma Lou George on FB

  5. I've heard good things about this curaprox product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.