25 September 2012

Creative Challenge

On these rainy days like today it's always great to have a bundle of creative toys to bring out and play with. Thomas loves creative play and I love the fact that his imagination goes into overdrive and he can create pretty much anything.
Sometimes we get a bit stuck as to what to play with or what to create so over on Babyhuddle I created a list of things Thomas loves playing with when being creative.

Thomas loves painting and so as you will see in the list, we always have an apron and a waterproof mat to stop clothing or flooring getting marked.
Play dough is fantastic for the imagination, you can make pretty much anything and Thomas enjoys making new things and even just squishing it through his hands.
We enjoy all forms of crafting and find that it helps us bond as a family too.


  1. i loved craft as a kid, i was always making things, often with glitter...and back in the 80's there was no glitter pens, it was the stuff in tubes that went everywhere lol

  2. what great ideas I have some ideas now what I can get my nephew for Christmas

  3. Super duper post! Thanks so much! Its been really great finding inspiration for craft week and I hope we can keep the board going too :)

  4. when i was younger my godmother used to make / bake me some play dough , i loved it, and if i'm honest, if i had kids now i'd still be playing with it i think haha