4 September 2012

Charlie's 1st Birthday!

I can't believe that it has been a whole year since I gave birth to Charlie, it's gone so fast, too fast!

I'm not gunna write too much on this post as I believe the photos will speak for themselves, so enjoy.

Charlie was helped by Thomas to open his presents. I think Charlie was more interested in the cards in fact lol.

After our review of the Silly Monkey Pillow Pet, my parents surprised Charlie with a Ms Ladybird Pillow Pet so the boys now have one each. 
As you can see, they enjoyed playing with his new toys. 

After opening the presents we actually had to go up to Thomas's nursery to fill in the forms before he starts next week. Luckily he seemed very relaxed whilst there and had a look about and the school looks great. Thomas wanted to stay there and play for longer!
When we got back the boys played in the garden for a bit.

We then had a mini tea party. Some yummy ham salad sandwiches which we all enjoyed followed by ouzey toffee and chocolate button fudge cupcakes.
Today was great and I still cannot believe that Charlie is 1 year old already!


  1. Awwww, lovin' the pics, and them cupcakes arrived just at the right time for the mini tea party hehehe, and bonus the weather was nice, why does August always seem to be a let down, but Sept seems to be nice, Glad Charlie had a great day, and it' lovely to see Thomas and Charlie sharing the toys....do they ever squabble regarding who's toys are who's? i know we teach kids to share, but sometimes they don't listen haha, but Thomas and Charlie look like they love to share, bless them :)

    Emma Lou George on FB

    1. The cupcakes arrived just before I made the tea party so perfect timing :-)

      The do fight each other trying to get the toys, mostly Thomas will push Charlie away or if Thomas has something and Charlie wants it he will go right up to Thomas and scream in his face till Thomas gives in lol

  2. Awww looks like he had a great day :)
    Blink and you miss it :( Clare

    1. He had a fab day :-)

      I cannot believe the time has gone so quick, too quick!