15 September 2012

Aldi Baby Special Buys

We all love bargains, me especially! I'm one of those women who you will find price checking everything and always going for the special offers. When it comes to buying baby essentials from food, nappies or toys, Aldi has got it covered with their Special Buys. With their Baby and Toddler Event starting on the 20th September, they sent me some of their items to review. They are:

Mamia Nappies
We have had a lot of problems in the past with nappies leaking and so when we were given the chance to review Aldi's own branded nappies we were sure to give them a try.
Opening the packet I noticed the designs on them are cute with little animal pictures, the feel of them was very padded but not too much to make them uncomfortable and the overall look of them was nice.
Charlie seemed to find them very comfortable, at the moment he is crawling loads and trying to walk so needs a very flexible nappy and these seem to do the trick, no rubbing on his legs or groin area at all. 
Overnight they claim to have 12 hour no leaks and this was very true. Not once during the night did I have to change Charlie nor did he get fidgety from the nappy filling up, it seemed to cope very well soaking all liquid up. This is also great for the reason that Charlie has very sensitive skin, urine left on his skin too long would cause him to get a rash but because the Mamia nappy soaks up straight away it caused no problems.
I am actually quite surprised how well they coped with everything, even solids were held in the nappy and there were no leakages. It was actually a great time to review these as Charlie has been getting back teeth through with has given him diarrhoea yet as I've previously stated, no leakages and they held it in very well. It's great to know that I don't have to pay the Earth for a good quality nappy.

Lena Baby Puzzle
Both boys love playing with wooden toys and although Charlie is still to young to actually know how to sort the puzzle out, he still likes playing with the pieces. 
Thomas however, enjoyed placing the pieces into the correct places and aligning it all up. These types of puzzles are great for hand-eye coordination and the bright colours make them appealing to young children.
The quality of the toy and of a high standard, thick pieces that will not break easily and very smooth edging to make them very safe indeed.

Heinz Breakfast Porridge
Charlie is in fact a little old for this but sometimes on a morning likes a bit of porridge to warm his tummy and using Heinz baby products, at least I know they will be of high quality and will have all the nutrients my son needs. 
The texture is of a smooth consistency and can be made as thick or runny as is suited.
Charlie loves the flavour of this and although ideally this is for younger babies I find that this is a great base for making flavoured porridges. Add a little jam or even some mixed berries, honey, anything really to make a little more adventurous for older babies.

I love the range of products at Aldi and the price is fantastic. If your looking for Special Buys then look no further. The Aldi Baby and Toddler Event starts on the 20th September.

You can follow Aldi on Facebook where they show product deals and frequently hold competitions.

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  1. love aldi's baby range, they do some great quality products for amazing prices!x