30 August 2012

Zaggora HotPants

After having 2 babies my dress size has gone up from a 10 to a 14 which makes me very self conscious. After reading very promising testimonials and reviews on Zaggora Hotpants about how people had lost inches and weight I was very keen to give them a try. 

I was then given the chance to take their Two Week Challenge and I jumped at the chance.

About Zaggora Hotpants
According to Zaggora, women can lose weight 4x faster by wearing them because of the specifically designed Celu-Lite technology fabric lining which enhances your natural body temperature. Zaggora Hotpants, if used whilst exercising, can raise your core body temperature by 18%, making your body use more energy and in turn burning more calories. 

You can get Hotpants in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. They have a size chart on their website to help you chose the right size for yourself. As I'm a 14 I decided that a medium is my best fitting size. They are a great fit and feel very tight to skin but not uncomfortable. The only thing is they feel a bit bulky and make a rubbing noise if you wear them with no clothing covering them.

Doing the Challenge
I was so excited to get a chance to do the Two Week Challenge. Zaggora claim that by wearing Hotpants  whilst exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you can drop 2 jeans sizes in 2 weeks.   

I started out on the first day by just wearing them whilst I cleaned the house top to bottom and definitely agree that they make you sweat more. Doing a high paced exercise session it felt as though sweat was pouring off me but the great thing about Zaggora Hotpants is that this didn't make me uncomfy as the material seemed to absorb the moisture. 

The best thing about the Hotpants is that they can be worn underneath clothing so I used them even when I was out and about an no one could tell I even had them on. I actually wore them to go out with my husband for the night under my dress so I was slimming whilst having fun too.

Although I didn't drop 2 jeans sizes, I did go down to a size 12 and I'm very happy that a pair of Hotpants could do that in just 2 weeks. One of the main reasons I wanted to try the Zaggora Hotpants is because I had bought a very expensive dress, before I had Charlie, in a size 12 which was too tight for me, now I can fit into it easily and am extremely happy that I can finally wear it.

The Nude Hotpants can be bought from the Zaggora website for £44.99. When I first read about Zaggora I thought this was very expensive for something that might not even work but after using them and seeing how they worked for me I think the price is fair. I mean if you can drop even just 1 jeans size in 2 week, like me, just by buying a pair of Hotpants for £44.99 I know most people would jump at the chance.

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  1. wish i could afford these,i really need to loose some belly after havin 4 kids

  2. I love reading reviews on these, I've heard loads of fab stories about them. I have the Viva Hotpants, the ones that are longer in length down to the calf. I started my two week challenge but then I went away for the weekend and didn't take them so I've got to start again now! I might have to get a pair of these ones too so I can wear them out under a dress like you did haha, I'd never thought of that x

  3. I fancy dropping a dress size so I might be tempted having read your review.

  4. canny beleive they really work. i thought it was just an advertising gimic. am tempted to get some and hide our bank statement lol

  5. great review im very tempted to get some :)

  6. After reading your review if I had the cash I would definitely buy a pair :0)

  7. I have heard all good things about them too and if i had the money i would try them definitely :)

  8. wow will be seriously thing of purchising these, you look so good wearing them x

  9. sounds like they are worth a try :-)