7 August 2012

Syrinx Za.

Finding products that wont negatively effect my skin can be very hard work. I have very sensitive, very dry skin and even touching the wrong baby wipes can bring me out blotchy. The worst thing about this is that my sensitive skin stops me from using moisturising products in turn causing me to have dry skin but also having dry skin means I am extra sensitive so it just ends up being one big circle really.
I was checking through my Facebook the other day and came across a company called Syrinx Za. They claim to be an all natural skin care company. Syrinx Za products are enriched with Zander, a sediment found in some lakes across North Eastern Europe, and therapeutic natural oils. Zander's secret lies in the fact that it  has an ability to remove toxins and metals from the skin as opposed to other natural remedies which work by sealing chemicals into the skin. It draws out impurities before restoring the skins natural moisture with it's natural vitamins and minerals.  

I was sent four items from their range of products to test on my skin and review how they had effected my skin if at all.

Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream
This cream soothes and nourishes, restoring the damaged skin. It is doubly rich in Zander making it extremely hydrating which will leave the skin feeling soft and moisturised. Just apply after every bath for smooth, healthier and clear skin.

Moisturising Therapy Balm
Calming sensitive skin, this balm is suitable for dry, cracked and dehydrated skin. I find this works better for hands, feet and elbow areas that are prone to cracked skin. Just rub a little on when needed or after a bath to feel the soothing and nourishing qualities.

Original Emollient Hand Cream
Hands are prone to dryness as they are always been used for one thing or another. This non-greasy, fast absorbing hand cream contains less Zander and is made for hyper-dry skin. Made especially for the hands and body where fast absorption is important to the person so daily tasks can resume.

Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar
Soap is one of the worst causes of dry skin so for some people it's the choice between cleanliness and dryness. This soap retains the moisture in your skin after use to actually treat dry skin instead of causing it. The bar is hand-processed and made in cold batches to retain all the glyceride's moisture.

Using the products for the first time I noticed how hydrating they actually are. The bar of soap made a big difference in my bathing routine as it meant I could actually use a soap that wouldn't bring my skin out in blotches and it also made my skin feel soft at the same time. 
After getting out of the bath I used the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy cream and the Moisturising Therapy balm all over my body. The first for my torso, arms, legs and face and the latter for my feet which get very dry and are extremely cracked at the back of them and on my ankles too. After only a couple of days I started to see changes in my skin. Starting from not having the red blotches on my arms any more to my skin actually looking healthier.

Just been able to have my arms out now and not feeling self-conscious as I now don't have horrible dry patches gives me so much more confidence and I even now dress differently. Before I would cover up and try to hide as much skin as possible but now I don't need to and can show off my healthy hydrated body care free!

You can buy Syrinx Za products from their website

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