9 August 2012

Dizolve Washing Sheets

One of the worst things about washing is when you spill powder everywhere. It seems to go in every crease that can't be reached and is itchy when on the skin. We usually buy boxes in front but then bulkiness means we have no space to store them all. 
Dizolve are concentrated washing sheets that are simple and easy to use. Basically pop one into that washer and ... your done! Just one sheet is enough for a full wash as they have been pre-measured for one load but if there's a particularly stubborn mark then use as many as you like. 

Dizolve laundry sheets dissolve completely during the washing cycle and are biodegradable. Not only that but they also take up a minimal amount of space in my cupboard as opposed to hefty boxes and big plastic containers that are usually used. This also means more packs can fit onto each delivery lorry lowering CO2 emisions.  

Dizolve comes in 2 different varieties, they are Original and Lavender. I'm not one to usually like scented washing but it is so subtle and not overpowering which is nice and because both types are non-biological means they are a more natural wash and kinder to the skin which is always great in our house since me and both boys have really sensitive skin.
One sheet is enough for one full load but for larger or heavily soiled items you can use 2 or as many as you want really and Dizolve can be used in cold water.
Using the Original pack I found that our clothes came out perfectly clean and whites were bright and fresh. I was a bit more sceptical of using the Lavender sheets as with us having sensitive and dry skin we usually don't buy scented but they were fine. I threw us in at the deep end and washed our bedding in them so I would know straight away how the affected the skin and to be honest they didn't cause problems at all. Just lovely smelling clean bedding that felt great to sleep on and the scent was so soothing.

I love the fact that they save so much space in my cupboards meaning I now have more storage space for other things which is always great. I've never seen such an innovative product and can safely say that from now on I will be using Dizolve.
No more dirty washing machine draw, no more horrible powder residue on skin, just nice clean washing every time!

You can buy Dizolve from most Waitrose and Sainbury's stores and from Dizolve's website.
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  1. Claire Braintree10 August 2012 at 12:22

    Ive never heard of these adn with me being allergic to most products im gunna give these a go

  2. This is great. I've always wanted to know what these are like so following your review I'm going to give these a go now!x

  3. Another well written and informative review! Thank you!