9 August 2012

Dishmatic and EcoForce

Have you ever wondered whether your cleaning products are eco-friendly? Well Easy Do have. They manufacture and supply everyday products that are more sustainable, environmentally friendly and greener than other similar products. EcoForce is their range of kitchen and outdoor products. They include:

EcoForce Recycled Peg Basket
This is made from 93% recycled plastic, comes with 24 pegs but has the capacity to hold 72 and has a clip on it's handle to keep it on your washing line.

EcoForce Recycled Clothes Pegs
The eco peg is made form one piece of plastic which in turn makes it energy efficient to produce, stronger and safer than normal pegs. They contain no metal parts and are almost impossible to break.

EcoForce Recycled Clothes Line
The clothes line comes in a bright green colour to brighten up any garden. It is 20m long, can hold weight of upto 30kg and is made from 89% recycled materials.

EcoForce Recycled Bag Grips
Like the eco pegs, the eco bag grips are made one from piece of plastic but are also frost proof and dishwasher proof making them great for gripping together open packs of food in the freezer or to keep fridge food fresher for longer.

EcoForce Kitchen Scourer Pads
These come in 2 varieties, white are non scratch and green are heavy duty. They are made from at least 90% recycled fibres and are shaped for easy grip. 

EcoForce Recycled Sponges
Again these come in 2 varieties, the same as the scourers and are again contoured for easier grip. Every day sponges that are sustainably and ethically made from recycled materials.

EcoForce Recycled Dusters
Made from high quality recycled materials, the dusters can be used for dusting and polishing furniture, car interiors, mirrors and wood and can be used wet or dry with or without polish. 

EcoForce Recycled cloths
EcoForce cloths are high absorbent and extra soft. They can be used for cleaning any surface and are machine washable. The cloths have also been made using a Z stitch to make them stronger so can be reused over and over.

I found using all these products very satisfying know that I am doing the planet good and am creating a greener environment for my children in the future just by helping with a few eco friendly products. All the products were simple to use and very strong, whether it was for outside or inside use, extra care has been taken to ensure all of the products are fit for purpose and will last longer than other similar products.
As a mum I am always cleaning up spills, washing dishes, putting out washing, cooking food and so all the EcoForce products are thoroughly used in our house and will be from no on! 

Dishmatic comes complete with a sponge scourer and has a flexible handle that dispenses washing-up liquid as it is used. Long last, efficient and easy to use. All you have to do is fill the handle with washing-up liquid and away you go. When the sponge wears out it can just be unclipped and another attached. 

There are 5 different attachment, they are:
  • White, non scratch
  • Green, heavy duty
  • Black extra heavy duty
  • Micro Soft
  • Steel scourer
Each replacement pack some with 3 refills and some retailers also sell them in packs of 2.

I personally love the Dishmatic product. I find it so much easy than having a whole bunch of different products for washing-up. Basically the handle and a few attachments and your away. No need to be messing with dirty washing-up liquid bottles or routing round for scourers as they all are with it. Just a little clip and unclip and a new attachment is ready to use. I have really sensitive skin so prolonged water usage or touch washing-up liquid can cause very dry skin on my hands, the Dishmatic combats this as I now don't need to put my hands into the wash to wash up and don't need to touch and liquid. 

Easy Do really have made great products in EcoForce and Dishmatic and they'll be staying in my kitchen from now on!


  1. Wow! These products sound awesome!

  2. Claire Braintree10 August 2012 at 12:13

    That dishmatic thing looks great and im allergic to washing up liquid so even better

  3. these sound amazing i will have to get some

  4. After reading this I saw them I my local asda and just had to buy some to try and you are exactly right they are great espeically that dish matic brush. Thank for the review

  5. We have used Dishmatic items for over a year now. One of the best brands around