19 July 2012


One thing I have always been scared of whilst out and about with the pram was letting go of the handles. I've heard stories of parents who let go of the pram handles for a few seconds only for the pram to roll onto the road or even train line as seen in a video on the news not long back, luckily the child was unharmed. BuggyTug is designed to combat that. It is a handle that fastens around your pram and has a part you put your hand through so as to connect you to the pram. Therefore if you let go of the pram you are still attached to it and it cannot roll away. 

That's not all now though. The inventors of BuggyTug have now brought out TrioTug, these are 3 different tugs designed for usuage on the pram. 
They are:
  • The BuggyTug
A tug that connects mum and pram together to stop it rolling away. 
  • The ToddleTug
This is a tug that fastens around the pram and gives a handle for toddlers to hold onto whilst walking at the side of the pram. 
  • The TeddyTug
This is as you would presume by the name, a tug that connects from the pram to your child's favourite toy stopping the toy/teddy falling from the pram and getting lost.

I love all three of the tugs, the first 2 with the safety aspect and the latter for the fact that my sons favourite teddy won't fall out of the pram which before we got these it did on many occasions. 
With Thomas being 3 year old we are trying to teach him to stay at the side of the pram whilst walking which has been quite hard as he usually would try to hold the handle of the pram. This would mean that he would struggle as its high up and he would end up pulling the pram off centre and it would start turning. Now we have the ToddleTug he holds that and loves the fact that he has his own little handle to walk with. 
You can purchase the BuggyTug for £3.99 or the set of TrioTugs for £9.99 from their website.

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