19 July 2012

Taking Photos is hard work!

I love taking photos. Those precious moments that you can keep and cherish forever. 

I take photos nearly everyday, especially of Thomas and Charlie, we have hundreds that I just sit and look through sometimes and cannot believe how much they have changed.

Sometimes you can get the most perfect picture which looks fantastic but trying to get a picture of a child is a chore.

Looking away, pulling faces and even giving the camera dirty looks, we've had it all. Charlie always smiles at the camera but as soon as I press the clicker he starts pulling faces at it instead. Thomas usually looks at the camera for maybe a second and then gets bored and watches tv instead.

Eventually after much taking and deleting I will get photos that look somewhat better and I can actually save to get it processed for our albums.

Here's a montage of some of my favourite photos:


  1. Have shared Thank you : ) My facebook name is Suzie Heard : )

  2. great collection of pics.....do u have these developed and framed in ur home?