24 July 2012

Painting the day away

Thomas loves drawing so this week we got him a new Art Set, it was only £6.99 from Amazon. It has crayons, pencil colours, felt tips, ruler, rubber, scissors, glue and paints. It's such a great set for the small price.

We had great fun drawing, colouring and painting but I removed the scissors and the glue just because I don't think he's old enough yet to understand how to use them properly.
I started out by drawing a few shapes onto the paper so Thomas could colour them in. We are trying at the moment to get Thomas drawing shapes and colouring a little better.

I do love drawing too, although I'm not good at actually drawing nice pictures, I still find it relaxing to do.

Eventually Thomas finished his painting and was so proud of it as we were too. This is it:

I think now we have got this set we can draw together and interact together whilst learning and bonding so it's all good.

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