18 July 2012

Night-time Takeover!

Most of the time both boys are asleep for 8pm so me and Simon get the night to chill, relax and watch normal tv, yes that means no cartoons!
Yesterday though Charlie was a bit under the weather, sneezing and coughing which means disturbed sleep. After taking him upstairs to bed, he both in turn woke up crying so ended up coming back downstairs.

Charlie fell asleep straight away on the sofa but was so fidgety which means I need to constantly keep an eye on him so he doesn't work his way off the sofa.
Today he seems better, luckily for us!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh bless, I have four children and I must admit, I do love 8pm when all four are tucked up in bed! I just sink on the sofa, tv remote control in one hand and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine at weekends) in the other! Then ahhhhh!

    But this week I have not felt too good and also my youngest daughter! We have boh apparently had a 'bug' that has been going round - sickness, tiredness and fatigue. So after 8pm I have been sharing my sofa with my poorly little girl and feeling poorly myself! Touch wood, my three other children have been ok up to now but it was a shame my daughter missed her last week at school! We managed to pop in to see her teacher on Thursday though to give her a thank you card and gift. I'm just pleased it is the school holidays now so no rushing to get up - though my kids will expect to stay up later!

    Hope your little one is all better now. We are still not 100%!