23 July 2012

Mission to lose weight - Week 2

Weight - 10 stone 13lb
BMI - 25.46
Indicating that I'm still overweight.
Target weight - 9 stone 7 lb

Over the past week I haven't been able to do too much exercise using the machines we bought although we have mowed both gardens and sorted the house out so I have done some exercise of sorts.
I've lost 1lb which yeah isn't much but at least is in the right direction.

Snacking is my downfall, when I'm peckish I go for chocolate or biscuits so this week I've bought loads of different healthier snacks and breakfast bars to snack on.

I went for different products so I could choose what I wanted based on what I was tempted to eat. These all should last me a few week too.
Hopefully now I'm not eating rubbish I should start losing weight!


  1. A pound is a pound and you are going in the right direction. Well done. Once you get to BMI 25, you will have reached a milestone in your head and it will spur you on. Have you tried having a handful of almonds as a snack? I find they are a good pick me up and they contain 'good fats'. I always have some in my handbag.

    1. I haven't tried almonds actually but do love nuts so might have to go get some, thanks for that hun x