4 July 2012

Fight Against the Routine

People will always tell you about the rough parts of been a parent starting with labour, night feeds, teething and potty training but one of the hardest bits is getting into and sticking to a routine at bedtime. Babies must be born with their teenage instinct and like to rebel even at this young age.
We had to work our routine around Thomas and his bedtime so he didn't get confused. With Thomas going to bed at 8pm we decided to put Charlie to bed at 7.30pm. Our routine starts off with his bath at 6.30 and then naked time on a towel to tire him out, dressed and a cuddle, then his bottle before having a little story (yes even at this young age they like stories) and down into his cot to go to sleep.

But what happens when they decided to rebel against their routine? Well I found out last night. 

Still wide awake at 7.30 and refusing to sleep I eventually had to bring him downstairs as he was making so much noise and waking Thomas. Getting more and more tired and still refusing to sleep meant Charlie got moody. So now we had a moaning tired baby who still wouldn't go to sleep. It's weird that even though babies know they are tired they will go through a stage of forcing themselves awake.

Eventually at 11.30pm his fight against his routine packed in and he fell to sleep on the living room floor. I left him for 10 minutes so as to not disturb him and then took Charlie to his cot where he slept for the rest of the night. Although he still woke up at 8am which will hopefully mean he will stick to his routine tonight, we I hope so anyways.

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  1. isn't it odd, when you're a baby/young you fight to go to bed, and as you get older you LOVE your bed lots haha.

    Did he sleep ok the following day? was this a one off?