19 July 2012

BKids Bath Duck Family

BKids are all about education and fun. Their goal is to provide better and safer innovative products that bring laughter, learning, and fun to kids all over the world. From learning toys to stacking, musical, rattles and bath toys. We were sent the Bath Duck Family bath toy, it comprises of one mother duck and two little ducklings.
My kids love playing in the bath but it's hard to find toys that they can play with together. I would never have thought that a set of bath ducks would work so well in getting them playing. These are great as I bath my boys together and they are something that appeal to both of them.

Although thomas likes all three ducks, he prefers the big one. Squeezing it then pushing it under the water to fill it up to then squirt it all over he finds great fun and Charlie loves watching him do it.

Charlie is teething bad at the moment and will usually try to bite the rings on his bath seat but it means him leaning right down to get them. Now he has the little ducks they are just the right size for him to play with and even bite which he seems to like doing.

It's great because usually they both end up moaning whilst in the bath as they hate being washed and cleaned but because they now have something to pay with it distracts them so I can wash them whilst they are playing. 

The B kids brand believes that kids should simply do what they do best - Be playful, Be happy and just be kids!

The duck family are available for purchase from Lambs Toys for £3.75.

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