21 July 2012

Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes Tag

Have you ever looked at your babies old clothes and wanted to keep them for all the memories but don't have the space? I have, all the time. Especially this week when we decided to sell all of Charlie's smaller aged clothes to make way for his new clothes. Looking at his cute babygrows, I was gutted to be getting rid of them but then came across Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes. The lovely lady there takes your babies old clothes and makes them into something else. From bunny's to blankets, keyrings, cushions or tags (like in the photo above).

I decided to post her a babygrow Charlie used to wear all the time. It was a blue striped Disney Taz one from George at Asda and was fleece material. I though this one would be best as it had a sewn on picture of Taz and also some writing that says 'Baby Taz'. 
The babygrow was then cut a shaped to make a tag and then some taggy lace pieces sewn into the seams of it so Charlie would have something to hold onto. After it was finished it was posted to us and we received it very quickly indeed and Charlie loves it, he holds onto it and crawls around the room with it in his hand. The quality is fantastic and I will definitely use Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes if I ever have any more babies.

Tags are available to buy for £3 each or 2 for £5.
Bunny's are £10
Cushions are £12 or 2 for £20
Blankets are £20
Keyrings are £1.50 or 5 for £6

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  1. thanks so much for such a lovely review :) Jess from Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes