17 July 2012

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuit

Rice biscuits have been used as a snack all over Asia for centuries but have never really been seen over here in the West. That is until now!
Baby Mum-Mum are a new snack made from organic Japonica rice and other all natural ingredients. They have been made for introducing solid food to your baby and also for teething babies. They are hard crackers but as soon as they touch your tongue they begin to dissolve making them a great snack for babies.
They are gluten free, egg free, lactose free and peanut free making them a great choice for babies with allergies. Baby Mum-Mum also have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

They come in a box which contains 8 packs and each pack has 2 biscuits in it. Perfectly sized to pop in your bag and give as a snack whilst out and about.

After having an initial play with the biscuit and sussing it out, Charlie had a try and loved it. He ate the whole thing and then climbed up to the table to try and get the other one which he then ate as well.
I'm always scared that Charlie will choke and so these make me feel more comfortable giving him snacks as I know that they will start dissolving straight away.
The texture means that they are helping Charlie learn how to chew and getting him used to biting and eating properly. 
The one main reason I know Charlie loves these biscuits is because as soon as I open the cupboard and he sees the box he gets all excited and starts clapping his hands which is so cute and shows that this biscuit is a winner!

You can buy Baby Mum-Mum from Amazon. You get 4 boxes for £7.12. That's such a low price for a great  and healthy product. 


  1. Ooh how interesting, my mum is from SE Asia and we had rice biscuits and crackers a lot as kids and occasionally get similar products posted over to us from friends for the little man, will have to give these a whirl with baby no 2!x

    1. They also do a Toddler Mum-Mum in strawberry flavour suitable for ages 18 month+. We will definitely be getting them when he gets older too.

  2. I haven't tried Jack on these yet.. they do sound yummy though! xoxo

  3. these sound really good and since i have tried my little one on the and like Charlie he loves them :)