31 May 2012

Crazy Soap

Now usually if I went in the bathroom and saw this I would have a heart attack but not today! This is Crazy Soap. The brightly coloured, different textured soap that will make children want to wash themselves. Not only that but when you are finished playing it just washes off clean and simple!

First of all is the paint, this comes in red and blue. Thomas loved this as he could just paint it onto his skin and have fun with it. He liked me to squirt a bit into his hand so he could also rub it onto himself.
Secondly is the foam, this comes in green and white. When I run the bath I always squirt a little of this in as when its in the water it puffs up and Thomas loves to climb into it. He loves the texture of this and the fact that he can rub it through his fingers and hair and look silly and I love it as it washes off in an instant.
Third up is the goo! This is bright yellow and is really think. Thomas absolutely loved this, he can hold it solidly and mould it around, pull it apart and push it together. You can also run it under the tap to make bubbles.

We had an amazing time playing with these products but most importantly, Thomas actually wanted to clean himself. Not only do they wash off quickly but they also leave a lasting scent, very floral and beautiful. Definitely a product for the fussy washer.

You can buy Crazy Soap from Morrisons, Tesco and many on line shops. Priced between £2-£3 each they are a great bargain.

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  1. Looks like tremendous fun. I feel this would be a happy,friendly way to get the children into the tub,as if anything like my second daughters was whilst young,bathtime battles were an ongoing theme. Safe and not damaging to the skin,a must for all 'mucky pups' to be transformed into 'clean cats'

  2. These look fantasic, definately encouraging children to enjoy bath time, cant wait til my godson is older so I can get him some of these :)

  3. what a great idea, getting the kids clean, but at the same time they think it's a messy toy lol, great invention

    Emma Lou George on FB