28 June 2017

Red Kite Push Me 2U Stroller Review

A few months ago, we decided that it was about the right time to get rid of J's pram. He likes walking most of the time now and so we thought that he might as well start walking with us rather than being sat in the buggy all day whilst we are out places. 

When we were planning our trip to Scarborough, we realised that he would probably need a buggy whilst there because we'll be going places that are quite far away, doing a lot of walking, and he might even need to nap at some point too. This meant that we had to start looking for a little buggy again. 

27 June 2017

Top 5 Popular Home Improvement Projects

Improving your home is something most people get around to sooner or later. It not only enhances the environment you live in, but adds value to your property. From replacing an existing kitchen with a more modern alternative, to giving the living room a new lick of paint, there are plenty of home improvements we can do to improve the condition, look and functionality of our homes. 

Balustrade Components, specialists in supplying high quality fittings and fixtures for balustrades, explores the top five popular home improvement projects homeowners embark on to give their home a stylish makeover.

10 Things You Should Consider Before Investing In Underfloor Heating

People invest in underfloor heating for a whole host of reasons, including comfort, the creation of more space, and increased efficiency, just to mention a few. During a chilly day, who would want to miss the opportunity of touching a warm, cozy floor when you step out of bed?

Underfloor heating is compatible with various home designs, be it modern, traditional or retro styles. Underfloor heating is also suitable for different flooring designs, making it a viable option for a wide range of d├ęcor styles.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and investing in underfloor heating, Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies, suppliers of high quality underfloor heating kits, takes a look at ten things you should consider before investing in underfloor heating.

26 June 2017

How To Get Free Makeup And Beauty Products

Living on a shoestring budget doesn't mean you have to give up the little pleasures of being a woman. You can pamper yourself and look your best without spending any money.

Free makeup may sound like a nice perk to some, but to beauty junkies, this can make the difference between a normal life and bankruptcy. Beauty-obsessed women are always going to spend their last dime on the latest liquid lipstick, the newest eye shadow palette or the latest revolutionary cream that can help her fight the first signs of aging. This leads to a situation in which the makeup bags of these girls are overflowing with lipsticks, blushes and other products, while their wallets are empty.

These girls know the price of their addiction, but some of them have no idea they can get lots of cosmetics for free. Many reputable brands offer free makeup throughout the year, so you may never have to buy such products again. These freebies aren't just samples you can only use for one week or so. They are full size lipsticks, facial masks, creams and serums.

Looking Through Our Top Holiday Moments

Last week, we spent the whole wee at the coast in Scarborough and during this time I managed to capture a whole range of photos of us all, and the surroundings around us. From playing on the beach and having fun, to family shots and unspoilt views. 

I do love taking photographs and although I'm no professional (taking them all on my iPhone!) I do love to try ad set the scene to get them looking just right. Instagram worthy indeed!

Beach photos are a favourite of mine. Looking out over the ocean, with no one else in sight. Go at dusk and you get the most amazing lighting to work with, and can capture some of my best shots from there.