Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Superlove Merino Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown

Superlove Merino was founded by Suse Fletcher and Becky Sayer who sourced the best quality merino wool in the world to create a fabric that is Superfine, Supersoft and Superwarm and made this into clothing and sleep bags for babies, toddlers and children aged 0 - 6 years.

Merino wool is the ideal fibre for babies as it is soft, hypo-allergenic, highly breathable and helps regulate both body temperature and moisture. Not only that but Superlove Merino is of the finest quality & is ethically sourced too. 

But what's the difference between Merino wool and regular wool?

What is Merino wool
Merino is an extremely fine and silky soft type of wool that comes from the Merino Sheep. These are an ancient breed that has evolved over thousands of years to inhabit some of the most extreme environments on earth, suffering temperatures of 35°C in summer to -15°C in winter. Because of these cold, dry conditions the Merino sheep grow huge soft fleeces of Superfine wool renowned for its quality, purity and luxurious softness.

Merino naturally regulates body temperature in tune with baby's environment which is great to hear since little babies cannot regulate their own body temperature and studies show merino wool improves sleep patterns in babies, helping them to settle more quickly and stay asleep for longer. 

Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown
When Superlove Merino got in touch with me and asked if they could send me a little something for my impending arrival, I obviously couldn't wait to try them out. Sending me a gorgeous Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown in dove grey, I couldn't wait for bump to arrive so that I could try it on him. 

The Superfine Merino Baby Gown is perfect for ensuring the warmth and comfort of babies whilst they are trying to sleep. Made here in Britain, the sleep gown has press-studs at the bottom which allows easy access for nightly nappy changes. 

Now Joseph is here, we have got some good use out the sleep gown. At first touch, I just cannot believe how super soft it is. The sleep gown is stretchy and so clings to Joseph as he wears it, making him look super comfortable in it. 
With the poppers being at the bottom of the gown, this makes taking it off easy and nappy changes, a doddle. No more having to fight to get Joseph's feet in and out of the legs or trying to pair up poppers in the night. Just a simple, easy to fasten, gown that not only looks stunning but feels super luxurious too.

I now try to use the Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown as much as possible at night as it makes nappy changes so much easier. What's best is that no matter how many times it has been washed, the natural elasticity in the material ensures that the gown keeps its shape and still has its gorgeous soft feel too.
This will also help as Joseph grows as, although the sleep gown is a size 0-3 month, it's stretchy enough to fit him for even longer than that and will give him the soft comfort that he's used to for even longer. 

Overall, I am thoroughly happy with not only the quality but the look, and feel of the Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Gown as well knowing that the item is ethically sourced and that I am helping a British business grow too. Now I just need a pair of their organic cotton and merino booties to keep Joseph's toes warm whilst we're out and he'll be in Superlove Merino heaven!

For more information about the sleep gown or any other product, check out the Superlove Merino website.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pelvic Floor Muscles - What They Are and How Pregnancy Affects Them

Everyone has an idea of what happens in labour. You know, pains, ouch, ouch, ouch, a lot of pushing and then a baby appears into the world. But no one tells you just what it's like afterwards. I don't mean how to cope with a baby, but just how much your bits downstairs are affected. 

You can't have a baby pushing down on your bits for 9 months and then push him out of said bits without it changing somewhat. And what part is most affected? Your Pelvic Floor muscles.

What are your pelvic floor muscles?
The pelvic floor muscles hold your pelvic organs, the uterus, vagina, bowel and bladder, in place. They support the bladder and bowel, and give you control when you urinate. Located between your legs, they run from your pubic bone at the front to the base of your spine at the back and, as you get older, your pelvic floor muscles get weaker.

Pregnancy also has a big effect on your pelvic floor muscles. As I said above, for the whole 9 month of pregnancy, the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, everything, is resting on top of the pelvic floor muscles with great pressure, causing them to stretch and become weaker too. 

Weakened pelvic muscles can cause problems such as urinary incontinence and reduced sensitivity during sex so making sure you do pelvis floor exercises is essential to keep them toned and to strengthen them too. 

How to do pelvic floor exercises
To be able to locate your pelvic floor muscles, simply imagine that you are urinating and then try to stop it mid stream. You feel that tensing? well that is your pelvic floor muscles. 

To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you have to squeeze said muscles in and hold it there for about 10 seconds before letting go and doing it again (do not hold your breath or tighten your stomach whilst doing these). Repeat this about 10 times. It is advised that you do this a few times a day. 

The joys of children
Now, having children may be one of the best things I have ever done, but my pelvic floor muscles don;t thank me for this. You see, when I had Thomas I was a bit naive about the whole, having to do exercises part, and didn't take them seriously at all. Now I've just had my third child I am suffering because of this and need to get it sorted.

My husband is going for the big snip in a few months as we have decided that 3 is our magic number and we'll be having no more children so now is the time for me to focus on getting my feminine health back up to scratch and to make sure that my pelvic floor muscles are strengthened. 

The Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser
The Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser is an easy-to-use, flexible pelvic floor exerciser with a range of clinically tested programs, providing relief from stress, urged and mixed incontinence as well as improving sexual well-being. 

It has just been awarded the ECRM Award for Most Innovative Product 2015 which TensCare Ltd are very proud of and, I, well I will be putting this to the test over the next few months to see how it can improve my pelvic floor muscles and hopefully tone and strengthen them.

The Elise works by sending a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor through a vaginal probe working your pelvic floor muscle for you, gently strengthening and toning your pelvic floor muscle which in-turn improves the symptoms of incontinence. To get full benefit from it, it is to be used every day with eash session lasting for 20 minutes. Many people will see improvements within as little as 3-4 weeks but the Elise should be used for a period of 12 weeks. 

The Elise has a One Touch Memory which remembers the last program, strength and settings used and will turn off after 20 minutes to ensure the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked and I cannot wait to start using it to see how it works for me.

For more information about TensCare and The Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser, pop over to the TensCare website and I'll be back in a couple of months to let you know how the Elise has worked for me, the results and my overall thoughts.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Sooty ABC - Learn The Alphabet DVD Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the new Sooty ABC - Learn The Alphabet DVD which is out today, I have a fab giveaway for one person to win a copy of the DVD. Join Sooty and his friends for fun, laughter and learning in this direct-to-DVD specialwhich introduces young children to the alphabet. 

As well as being great fun following Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Richard in their Alphabet Adventure, it also supports the Early Years Curriculum and helps children to learn whilst they are watching something fun. 

This special programme, produced by Redan Publishing’s Fun To Learn brand, Tvoli Entertainment and Abbey Home Media who are also distributing the title, features all the fun and mayhem from Sooty and his pals, while engaging children and helping them develop early literacy skills.

Sooty remains one of Britain’s best loved children’s characters, I'm sure all us parents remember watching him and the gang as children ourselves and so it's great to see such an iconic character coming back to help teach our children about letters and the alphabet. 

A perfect Easter gift the DVD is packaged with a printed A-Z poster and also features three classic episodes from the hit CITV series: The Swimming Lesson, The Farm and Beach Patrol and includes printable worksheets to enhance the learning experience.

For your chance to win a copy of Sooty ABC - Learn The Alphabet DVD, enter below on the Rafflecopter app. 

Please remember to check the T&C's at the bottom of the Rafflecopter application and our full terms here. This giveaway is open to the UK only and any entries left that do not follow the required entries will be disqualified. After the one mandatory entry, others will open up to give you extra entries. You do not have to enter by all methods but these will give you extra entries into the competition if you do. 

And please, if you are commenting on the blog as 'anonymous' can you please write your name in the comment otherwise I cannot count your entry.

Ends midnight 22nd March

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mother's Day Gifts at Asda

With Mother's Day just around the corner, now is the time to get prepared. And what's easier than popping to your local supermarket to get your weekly groceries, and pick up some gifts whilst you're there. that's exactly what you can do at Asda.

Asda have lots of lovely Mother's Day gift ideas including pampering treats, beauty products, foodie gifts or even books and films, so, as you can imagine, there is something for everyone. So I thought I would go through a choice of beauty or pamper treats that you can get from Asda at the moment. 

If mum is a lover of make up, then look no further than the George make up range. The matte lipstick is just £4, the stay put lipgloss is £3.75 and coordinating Gel Pro nail polish £3 or two for £4.  

Or if your mum prefers the relaxed approach, go for nspa Relaxing Patchouli and Ylang Yland body oil or bath creme which are £2.95 each or two for £5. you could even go for a nspa Deep Cleansing Mud Mask which are only £1.59 each. Perfect if you're creating a little hamper for Mother's Day as a little extra treat to add in. 

Gifts sets are the best gifts for a pamper treat for mum and both the Queen of Clean pamper set and the Beauticology house gift set are only £6 each meaning that you can treat mum without breaking the bank. 

If you have a bigger budget for Mother's Day, then you could go for a perfume gift set. This gorgeous Gucci Rush gift set is a steal at £25 or this fab Stella gift set is £40. Both with lovely scents these would be ideal as a gift for mum. 

Apparently, I'm getting a surprise off my kids this Mother's Day. My husband is taking them out to get me something, and I would be so happy to receive any of these gifts for Mother's Day, especially the paper treats as I think all mums deserve a good pamper once in a while.

You can find all these beauty and pamper gifts and much more, from foodie gifts to books and music, on the Asda website and in store.