Friday, 12 September 2014

The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

I am a lucky mummy at the moment because I seem to have found the most comfortable pillow for pregnancy. Now, if you've never had a baby, then you probably wont understand why I'm so excited over a pillow but, it's not just a pillow, it's a sleep saver. 

During pregnancy, as your bump grows, sleep can be a bit hit and miss. With an ever expanding waistline and bump, getting comfy is hard and the fact that you have a baby constantly moving around inside you (and trust me, they prefer being awake at night). So when you come across a product that helps with this, it feels amazing. 

The Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow isn't just an ordinary pillow. It measures approximately 190cm x 38cm and is filled with around 42 litres of odourless polystyrene micro beads which are light as a feather. This filling then moves to the shape of your body and it always remains firmly in place without giving way to give you support and comfort. It can even be washed at up to 60°C too. 

The Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow keeps your legs and tummy supported and even your head and shoulders are too. It is more beneficial during the last months of pregnancy when you may become more restless with a bigger bump and constant movements and using it, you’ll experience less strain on your back and legs.

During breastfeeding, using the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow gives less strain on neck and shoulders as it holds your baby up into place meaning no slouching forward for mum alleviating any stress on the back too giving a more relaxed breastfeeding experience. 

My Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow came with a purple jersey cotton cover which is extra soft and has been pre-shrunk to stop it from disappearing in the dryer and coming out mini sized. This gives it an immense amount of durability which is great as all that pulling and pushing around during the night and the fact that it can be used whilst breastfeeding and holding you baby too means that durability is key. 

I now don't have to use all my pillows to try and get comfortable as the Theraline pregnancy and baby feeding pillow is so versatile that I can change position very easily and as it is so long, it gives full support to my whole body giving a comfortable, good night's sleep.

It can also be used whether you’re pregnant or not. Even my husband uses it sometimes as he had spinal surgery 2 months ago (and may need further surgery soon) and he finds it super comfortable. Some nights I have to fight it off of him.

For me, I am now satisfied that as the months go by, and my bump gets bigger, I will be supported through sleep by the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow and even once my bump has gone and breastfeeding starts, it will help to keep comfortable. 

You can find more information about the maternity and nursing pillow on the Theraline website and it can also be purchased from John Lewis too. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Child's Play – Kids' Personal Injury Claims

Children are inspiring. Their inquisitive sensibilities, their wide-eyed curiosity and their playful naivety are exhilarating characteristics that make children “children”. Playing the roll of Devil's advocate, however, when it comes to sustaining injuries, it is three traits that are often the cause of many close-shaves for our kids. And let's face it, when it comes to our children getting hurt, it is more of a case of when than a case of if. 

Now, not to scaremonger, we don't want you to suddenly begin over-protecting your child. But let's just get some basic truths out in the open that every parent is already aware of: These injuries can occur at any-time and in any place. In fact, it is frighteningly common to see children injured in school, in playgrounds, in the street and at home, and while we would never advocate using an injury your child may sustain in order to seek financial reward, you should be aware that children are just as eligible for compensation as adults. After all, our bodies break in the same way. 

Don't be overprotected and stop the fun things
In the UK, the age of responsibility is 18. Therefore, children under that age are not able to log, file or fight a personal injury claim themselves. The only way for the courts to be able to consider the case is for a 'Litigation Friend' to act on behalf of the child, a representative usually coming in the form of a parent or guardian. This Litigation Friend will be considered by the courts beforehand, in order to determine whether the child is fully informed, comfortable and willing to proceed with this person, as well as ensuring that they are operating with the child's best interests at heart. 

The Claim Process 
The claim process, as with adult claims, is often a rather drawn-out affair. As anyone who's ever tried to push their way through the cogs of liturgy will know – they don't rush; be prepared for the long haul. Of course, there are times when the process can be sped up to match certain features of the case, and in the cases of severe injury – something requiring immediate, costly care – then the courts can provide back-dated pay outs to cover the expenses. 

Until a long-term prognosis of the child is actually determined, however, it is actually impossible for any one to estimate an appropriate amount of compensation. After all, a rough idea of the future needs to be reasonably demonstrable in order to know the extent and cost of future care. 

Time Limits After an Injury 
When an adult wishes to pursue a personal injury claim, they usually have to act within a time limit of three years. Any claims made after this time – except in extraordinary cases – will generally be ignored by the courts. For children, however, this time limit doesn't begin until they hit the age of responsibility: 18. This means that children have up until their 21st birthday to determine whether or not a claim is applicable, giving both parents and children appropriate time to determine the long-lasting effects of any injuries. 

When May Compensation be Received?
Of course, should the claim prove successful, large sums of money will not simply be handed over to your child. The usual discourse is to save the money and release it into a bank account on the child's 18th birthday, allowing regular withdrawals in the case that on-going care needs to be paid for. 

This is especially common in cases where smaller sums of money are concerned. For example, should an amount less than £2,500 be awarded, the courts may ensure that the money be kept in a National Savings Bank or a building society to accrue interest and for safe keeping ready for release when the child comes of age. In the cases of larger sums, however, especially when receiving considerable compensation (over £10,000) , the court may take any money that is not immediately required and invest it under the discretion of the Courts Fund Office

Fundamentally, children are prone to danger. By the very grace of their childish sensibilities, they are exposed to a host of various situations of which any could lead to severe injury. Of course, that's not to say we should keep our children indoors, protect from the outside and worry about their every move. No. Children need to be children, let them roam, investigate the world and find out things for themselves. Just know that in the tragic case that something does happen to your child, there are things you can do to partially remedy the situation. 

If you're reading this after your child has already fallen victim to an injury, or are looking for advice on how to pursue a claim on before of your child, may we recommend contacting Yorkshire's own Coles-Law Personal Injury Solicitors.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Back To School With Boots

Thomas started back at school on Tuesday. Even though he has loved having the time off to play, he couldn't wait to get back as he loves school. I couldn't wait for him to get back as well, not to get rid of him, but for him to continue on his journey of learning, and the fact that he was getting bored towards the end of the holidays. 

I find the first few weeks back a little bitter-sweet though as that's usually when all the germs start flying around again and he Thomas will come home with sniffles and illness. 

Now it's not just Thomas though as this week Charlie also had his first visit to his daycare centre which he will be going to 3 times a week and will be starting in the next few weeks so now it's 2 children that will be coming home full of germs. 

Check out these tips from Boots for some help with combating germs.

I make sure to try and keep germs at bay in various ways. Read my tips below for a quick guide on keeping germs at bay and combating them quick.

  1. Repellent Shampoos - Try and combat the dreaded head lice before they happen by using repellent shampoos on your child's hair and always keep some treatment in the cupboard just in case.
  2. Vitamins - I find that buying the chewy children's vitamins is a great way to build your child's immune system and help them fight germs before they take hold and cause illness. 
  3. Supplies - always have remedies and supplies ready just in case your child comes home with a sniffle. Paracetamol, vapour rub and nasal sprays are a great way to start. 
  4. Check-ups - Always keep up to date with dentist and optician appointments and make sure your children have the necessary immunisations too. 
When it comes to buying everything we need, I always pop to Boots as it has everything to combat germs, from vitamins and medicines to shampoos and first aid kits. We can even get our eyes tested there too. 

I asked the boys to give me their very best 'germie' (a selfie of what a germ would look like) and they did so in the photos above. Thomas said that they would have nasty faces because they like to be mean to people and Charlie didn't really understand and just tried copying Thomas but with a grin instead. 

So, what are your tips for keeping germs at bay, for fighting them or for stopping them before they hit? Comment below to give us extra ideas. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top

Finding clothing during pregnancy is hard work. I find that loose tops end up making me look like a tent and tighter ones make me uncomfortable. Not only that but wearing a bra in pregnancy is horrible. The under-wire and cups seem to press against the top of my bump causing aches and pains. I want something that is loose around my bump but supportive around my breasts. Something that will mean that I don't have to worry about wearing a bra. A miracle probably. 

That's when I came across the Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top.

The Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top is perfect for someone who is looking for a comfortable top to wear during pregnancy, and for one that will last the duration as it also doubles up as a nursing top too. It is A-shaped below the bust meaning that it can be used from even the early stages in your pregnancy and will grow out with you as your bump gets bigger. It adapts to the changes in the body's shape perfectly.

The top is seamless so there is no stitching digging in at all and has an integrated nursing bra which is tightly knit underneath to give support and lift to the breasts. There is also no under-wire so the top part is super soft and comfy to wear whilst also giving a lot of support. 

One hand clasps on the top allow easy access to breastfeed quickly so are suitable for any occasion. You can breastfeed discreetly without exposing your stomach or much of your body at all.

Overall, I love the Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top. It has been a godsend during my pregnancy so far as it's stretchy materials hugs my bump and flares out at the bottom without pushing into my bump at all. The bust holds my breasts in place whilst also being comfortable to wear and ultra supportive. I know that when my baby is born and it is time to breastfeed, I will be able to use this top without fear of people seeing more than they bargained for.  

For more information about the Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top visit the Cantaloop website and you can purchase from Amazon.