27 June 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Today

Smoking is one of those things that nearly all of the adult population has tried and some just stick at smoking, even though they know just how bad it is for their health. We all know how much it can increase your risk of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and many more conditions, but it's not just that. 

Smoking causes so many other symptoms too, some which will take time to repair and others that can be reversed from just 20 minutes after you have put that last cigarette down. For what ever reason that you decide to kick the habit, here are my 5 reasons that should send you on your smoke-free way.

The SML Diet | The One Week Challenge

A fortnight ago, I start my one week trial with SML Diet to see weather I could lose any weight or inches whilst on their plan. SML Diet was founded by Ally and stands for Slim & Maintain for Life as she believes that with the right support, we can all slim down, we can all certainly maintain our weight and if we have the belief in ourselves, we can maintain that weight for life!

So, I was sent the Simple plan of 28 products which is enough for a week and costs £35.25. Then the best bit starts, choosing what foods you want in your meal replacement pack. And there is so much choice. Meals, bars, shakes and snack bars, all different flavours and so much to pick from.

26 June 2016

WTBW | Rockin' Baby Beach Time

Whilst we were away at the coast, we were lucky to have had some amazing weather, the only problem with this is trying to keep a little one protected from the sun. Most clothing is too warm to wear in the sun so it comes to wearing a swimsuit, making sure to get one that is UV protected.

As part of our What The Boys Wore series, Rockin' Baby sent Joseph this beautiful set from their Beach Time range. It feature a top and bottoms set with co-ordinating patterns and colours.

25 June 2016

Ella's Kitchen | #CerealouslyScrummy Cereal Range

Joseph is a lover of fooad and so when he got the chance to try the new range of Ella's Kitchen cereal, he got down to it with a big bowl and a spoon, ready to take on the challenge. 

With a variety of scrummy taste and textures, the range is ideal for each phase of a little ones weaning journey. The range includes four delicious smooth flavours, including banana and cinnamon and veggie taste carrot – a great flavour to teach your little ones to love their veggies right from the get go.

24 June 2016

Cosatto AW16 | A Festival of Pattern

Recently, Joseph and myself visited Cosatto HQ for their annual press day where we got to see all the new range of pushchairs, prams and car seats and all the wonderfully new patterns that they have brought out for this season. 

If you're a regular reader, you will know just how much we love Cosatto. Overall, over the years, I have pushed the Yo!, the Ooba, the Supa and we are currently using the Fly, Joseph even has one of their Story cotbeds too.