24 July 2017

Win | 1 of 2 VR Real Feel Racing Virtual Reality Systems

Created by VR Entertainment Ltd, VR Real Feel Racing offer technology that puts players inside the action like never before. Using a 3D system with a steering wheel for intuitive control and movement. With thrilling games and VR apps to download, the VR Real Feel Racing Simulator puts you in the driver's seat for a truly exciting and immersive virtual experience.

Featuring a 42mm lens headset that harnesses the power of Apple or Android smartphones, VR Real Feel Racing delivers pixel-popping graphics in stereo 3D. A patented Bluetooth steering wheel with Max Force Feedback, enables players to steer, accelerate, brake and change the view with the steering wheel, far more intuitive than tilting the head! 

VR Real Feel Racing is available now for £39.99rrp. Available from Toys R Us, Amazon and Smyths, Halfords and Debenhams.

23 July 2017

Save Money By Buying And Selling Online

As someone who spends a lot of time online, I find myself drifting to online shopping a lot and usually end up with all sorts in my imaginary online shopping cart. Shopping online is not only a great way to save time, but you can search around for products so easily and usually get a better deal too. 

Amazon and eBay are my initial go to places when I'm looking for something, and then I use Google before locating to the well known shops and small independents. I've easily saved hundreds of pounds by searching online, Christmas is the best time to be looking too as all those online shops have sales too. No need to even leave your arm chair!

Family Portrait Ideas For Your Photo Album

Documenting your life with your children in various ways is one of the best ways to have something amazing to look back on later on. How about some fun family portrait ideas for your photo album? Here are a few to get you started!

22 July 2017

Essential Tips for Your First Family Camping Trip

Camping with your kids is an experience to cherish for many years to come. You will enjoy plenty of laughter and lots of fun, plus it will be an incredibly enriching experience too. However, you may be worried that camping as a family can be stressful; especially if this is not something you have done before. The key is to be prepared. Read on to discover some essential tips for your first camping trip.

15 July 2017

Splash About Gecko Happy Nappy

It's safe to say that we're a family that loves swimming. I mean, we go at least once a week and both T and C have swimming lessons to teach them all the basics so they're both able to safely manoeuvre in the water. 

J will also be starting lessons too, although these will be parent and child one so I'll be in the pool with him at all times. When Splash About got in touch and asked if he'd like to try out their new and improved Happy Nappy, I couldn't wait to give it a go and see how he liked it when swimming.