30 August 2016

Getting P.E. Ready With Get The Label

You know what it's like these days, even at primary school level kids are getting more and more in to sport, especially at school. The boys school is no different and they work a lot of around sports based activities, outdoor work and they do P.E. at least twice a week. 

I think it's great that they go to a school that promotes a healthy lifestyle, filling up on Vitamin D outside rather than being stuck inside all the time in the classroom. So when it comes to their uniform, they have the regular school wear but they also have a choice of P.E. items that they need for when they're outside, doing their thing.

25 August 2016

How To Use The #PowerOfFrozen To Entertain The Kids This Summer

As a parent, we know exactly what the summer holidays will be like. The kids love the first few weeks but as it's starts to tail off, the boredom kicks in and then it's 'there's nothing to do', 'I'm bored' so trying to find things for the kids to do to keep them occupied and entertained is the way to go.

My sons love helping my cook and I find that if they do actually help prepare dishes, then they more than likely eat them too. So as it comes to the end of the holidays, I start to get creative with the way we make things, to add a different slant to their meals and to keep them entertained as they help to make them. 

We love being set challenges and so it has been great to get involved when Iceland challenged us to discover new products that can make cooking with kids easier with their #PowerOfFrozen challenge. We grabbed our reusable bags and off we went to Iceland, to see what we could find. 

24 August 2016

Our Family Adventures In Liverpool

Albert Docks Liverpool

It's not often that we get to go away as it all depends on if we can get spare time off together. We love UK breaks though so we often flit away for a few days whenever we have some free days. It's a great way to spend some precious moments together, and breaks up the boredom of the school holidays. 

We usually go to seaside villages but have lately been looking at city breaks and that's when Liverpool came up. We did have a few options of where we could go, York, Manchester, but Liverpool was top because the husband supports their football team and apparently, we just had to go to their stadium *rolls eyes* as it was a must!

22 August 2016

Be School Ready | Everything Your Child Might Need

It's getting to that time of year where we need to be prepared for the September start at school. Each year a new term of children take on the challenge of education in Reception which starts them on the ladder at school. 

Remembering what your child will need can be confusing as there is so much out there and every child has different needs. Today I'm featuring my top products and items that I will be using for C as he starts on his journey at school.

19 August 2016

Encouraging Baby’s Independence with SMA® PRO Follow-on Milk

There comes a time in baby’s lives that they want to explore the world on their own. To get a feel for things and be more independent as they take on the world and grow in to little people. As parents, we are in a bit of a quandary, getting excited as your baby learns something new but then having this sadness that your baby is also growing up and becoming more independent every day.

From around 6 months old, independence will start to develop. Their goal is to move about, any which way possible. Starting to roll over, sit up, bum shuffle, crawl and then walk on their own. Moving and grooving, trying to escape to new places.

Escaping at nappy changes now they've decided that they want to be free and wiggling like mad whenever a nappy does come near. And one of the best ones, starting to settle in to a routine where they sleep through and no longer need mum/dad during the night. I love this stage, although I do miss the nighttime cuddles that we used to have!